Essential Elements of an Impactful Content Marketing Team

“We need to stop interrupting what people are interested in and be what people are interested in.”

Craig Davis hit the final nail in the coffin of traditional advertisement when he proclaimed this for the world to understand. 

Imagine the bombardment of repetitive advertisements every time you try to enjoy your favourite sport or the constant YouTube ads without an option to skip them. While these may promote brand awareness and cultivate brand identity among the masses, they also risk irritating users.

Content Marketing Model

But when you focus your advertisement revenue and efforts on understanding keyword research, you provide a pathway for the users to come to you. Using a mix of how-to tutorials, videos and other value-offering media, you solve their queries to showcase the value and simultaneously familiarise them with your brand. Ultimately, you achieve healthy and consistent sales growth.

While content marketing might sound like a straightforward strategy on paper, it is far more complex. One of the primary steps is creating a content marketing team, where each member possesses distinctive strengths to enrich the content marketing strategy

You can either form an in-house team with full-time employees at a high cost or outsource your content marketing requirements to experts at WrittenlyHub

Irrespective of your decision, stay with us as we discuss the most integral elements of a high-performing content marketing team!

Assessment and Confirmation of Marketing Objectives

Like every journey mandates a destination to track and plan several prerequisites, a content marketing team needs a collective goal. However, that’s not all. Before building a content marketing team, the goal must be broken down into simpler components to structure daily operations and gradually work towards it with steady steps.

Marketing Objectives

A practical method to set marketing objectives is the S.M.A.R.T framework, where each letter denotes an integral component to consider before setting objectives.

  • S – Specific
  • M – Measurable
  • A – Achievable
  • R – Realistic
  • T – Timebound

While employing this framework, remember that the fundamental definition of setting objectives is not limited to customer acquisition. Set small and achievable goals like increased email open rates, amplifying brand visibility and improving customer engagement rates.

After finalising your objectives, it is time to fill the crucial roles in content marketing

Persistence with a Consistent Brand Style

When you think of brand style, you might think of colours, typography and a constant tone of voice representing your brand. Adopting a brand persona for all professional communication assists you in finding a niche among the sea of competitors in the market. 

The most crucial step to creating a brand style is to include a creative graphic designer in your content marketing team. Task them with creating or updating your brand’s style guide to maintain uniformity in brand communications across social media posts and other channels. 

Brand Style

With an impactful style guide, your content marketing efforts establish your brand’s dominance in a specific domain and build a reputation that assures potential customers of your reliability.

Consider the example of Spotify. Their style guide is one of the most comprehensive pieces in the industry, with detailed guidelines for its team members into each style adopted by the brand. Spotify communicates essential guidelines through its style guide specifying logo colour, exclusion zone, minimum size and restrictions to maintain consistency across all brand communications.

Emphasis on Comprehensive Editing

As you scroll through the internet to find blog posts or articles that resolve your queries, you finally find a reliable source that promises to enlighten you. But wait, it is laden with grammatical errors and marked by horrible punctuation.

How likely are you to continue reading it?

If you answered no, you are in the majority. Users worldwide are reluctant to engage beyond a few typos and grammatical errors. Ultimately, grammatical and spelling typos in more than a few pieces of content are believed to affect website traffic by 8.7% and 13%, respectively.

Comprehensive Editing

Fortunately, these errors can be avoided by a core member of your content marketing team – the editor. In addition to browsing through and improving typos, editors play an important role in ensuring the following.

  • Improving the overall flow of the content to make it more attractive to readers
  • Simplifying technical jargon and resorting to more straightforward language to boost readability

When an editor is done working their magic on your content, you no longer have harmful elements hurting your search engine optimisation ratings. 

Use the Innovation of a Content Strategist

Content strategists enter the picture after the ultimate goals of the content marketing team have been established. From here on, the role of a content strategist is to constantly innovate and experiment with varying marketing strategies to gauge the reaction of several users in the market and incorporate changes to the content marketing strategies.

These professionals guide the team towards the goal and define a neat structure to achieve maximum efficiency to cater to the objectives of the business. With an efficient content strategist, it can be easier to understand the best path for achieving the desired marketing objectives.

Content Strategy

Given the importance of this role, it is no surprise that 64% of businesses have a documented content marketing strategy to remain distinctive in the market. 

While the role of a content strategist requires immense skills, ensure that your hired professional is aware of the inherent market behaviour and possesses a keen eye for detecting opportunities and gaps in the fluctuating market. An eye for these factors will help them elevate your content marketing strategy and help it reach the right audience at the right time.

Final Thoughts

Building a content marketing team is just a start to achieving your marketing objectives. Like the well-oiled gears in a machine, the team’s core members should work in sync with each other and employ a cohesive approach for impactful results.

The think-tank of several specialists like designers, content marketing managers, writers, and strategists is sure to give rise to unique ideas to increase organic traffic through valuable content. 

Aim for steady growth by outsourcing your content marketing needs to an agency, relying on our exceptional services to enhance your brand visibility.


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