Elementor: A Powerful Website Builder for Digital Marketers

Your digital marketing machine is only as robust as the website that hosts it.

A high-quality, feature-filled website enables marketers to boost organic keyword rankings, scale up traffic, and improve domain ratings. Well-designed pop-ups and great content help marketers attract the right visitors, convert them into leads, and generate revenue.

Many turn to WordPress for this purpose. As the most popular and reputable content management system on the market, WordPress gives website owners access to just about every tool and feature there is.

Although WordPress itself is free, all those features come at a cost.

Every new plugin, feature, or custom functionality you add to your WordPress website requires in-depth coding knowledge to optimize correctly. Marketers who don’t know front-end languages like Java, CSS, and HTML often end up with slow, unreliable websites with underutilized marketing functionality.

Most marketers answer this problem by hiring a WordPress developer and often pay a premium for it.

But now there is another way.

Introducing Elementor: Build Great WordPress websites, no code required

Elementor is a WordPress website builder that gives non-technical marketers the ability to publish fully functional websites without writing any code. It is compatible with industry-standard marketing technologies in use today and even provides some of its own.

If your web-based business relies on tracking success metrics, improving performance, and putting your brand in front of the right customers, Elementor has the tools you need to succeed. We believe in Elementor so much that we used it to build this very website – and it provides us with features our agency relies on every day.

It simplifies the process of building WordPress websites, making it so that even non-technical marketers can build, deploy, and maintain highly effective digital marketing tools without having to code them themselves.

Elementor Dashboard

Elementor Core features

It is trusted by more than 8 million web professionals, including the team right here at Marketing Lad. When it comes to creating high-performance marketing websites on WordPress, this builder offers a valuable set of features that make it stand out from the crowd.

Intuitive Drag-and-drop editor

Elementor’s core editor uses a simple drag-and-drop interface that gives non-technical users the ability to publish and customize full websites from the ground up. The visual builder makes it easy to customize every aspect of the website itself, with no coding required. Simply select the widgets and site elements you want, and place them on the page as you see fit.

All-purpose widgets

Widgets are the basic building blocks of website functionality. They include everything from images and text blocks to complex product carousels and media galleries. Building a website with Elementor couldn’t be easier – simply drag widgets from the menu and drop them onto your website, then configure them to meet your needs.

High-performance pop-up builder

Digital marketers love Elementor Pro’s impressive pop-up builder. Unlike the annoying pop-ups that website visitors routinely ignore, Elementor’s pop-ups follow a customizable range of triggers. You can trigger your pop-up to launch when visitors click on a certain website element or spend a specific amount of time on a page. Use these features to grab users’ attention, grow your email list, and boost conversions.

Endless customization

Drag-and-drop website builders have a reputation for limiting creative expression. Many rely on templates and force users to adhere to established designs – but not Elementor. This website builder offers practically unlimited customization for every single element on the page. You can even set site-wide Global Settings that update every page instantly, then customize individual pages from there.

Full Site Kits

One of the most valuable features Elementor offers is its Full Site Kits. These are professionally designed websites with a full suite of marketing features, packaged into a single file that you can upload directly to your WordPress site. With Full Site Kits, you can build, configure, and publish a complete website in mere minutes. 

Per-site pricing ensures scalability

Elementor offers a free plan that includes everything you need to create a custom WordPress website from scratch. There is no catch, no trial period, and no hidden fees. If you use Elementor Basic to make your website, you’ll never need to upgrade your plan.

But if you want to make more than one Elementor website, and gain access to a wide selection of professionally designed Full Site Kits and Pro Widgets, you’ll need to subscribe to a paid plan. 

Elementor’s first-tier Essentials Plan costs less than $5 a month. It includes a full set of professional features for building and equipping one digital marketing website. If you run an agency and want to build out 25, 100, or 1000 websites at a time. You’ll need one of Elementor’s higher-tiered plans.

Each of these plans comes with extra kits, access to Elementor’s expert marketplace, and VIP support from the team. Get started with Elementor for free, and find out how easy making a professional marketing website can truly be.

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