7 Reasons Why Explainer Videos Still Matter Today

Who doesn’t know what explainer videos are? It’s an excellent video marketing strategy to improve conversion rates in no time. 

Many marketers have used explainer videos to better advertise their products without being pushy. With an explainer video, business owners can spread their messages much more effectively, enabling them to build a bigger audience. 

However, keep in mind that an explainer video is entirely different from any marketing video on the internet. Not every corporate video is an explainer, but explainers can be used for company profiling. 

The difference lies in every component a video consists of in the first place. An explainer video is well-known for its compelling content that drives new viewers. It’s also great for breaking down complex ideas into bite-sized information, allowing people to understand the information rather quickly.

Explaining the video

So, does an explainer video still matter today? 

Here are the top seven reasons why you should use explainer videos for your business. 

1. Everyone loves video content

Videos are content of choice when compared to older types of content, like blog posts. Ever since the advent of YouTube, more people have become obsessed with consuming videos daily. 

It’s no wonder that the platform has now become the second-largest site right behind Google. The vast majority of internet users prefer using YouTube when it comes to searching for new information.  

As people become accustomed to video content, incorporating the same content is practically easier. Most people will choose to watch videos compared to reading a five-minute article. 

After all, don’t we all strive for easy and quick information? Voice-over video content can be one of the best solutions for anyone having less time.

2. Capture attention faster

The nature of the video itself is interesting. It attracts at least two of human’s five senses in processing information. Hence, making it more fascinating to choose. 

With a video, people can directly see images (and read captions) and listen to the narration at the same time. This simultaneous sequence helps the brain refine data seamlessly. That’s because videos have provided this sensory information that allows viewers to understand the message faster.

People neither need to picture or visualize the message in their mind like what they do when reading a post. Nor do they need someone to narrate a story for a clearer message.   

Through video, people can receive and understand new information without losing it to misinterpretation. 

Therefore, using explainer videos to advertise and market your products will be a great investment. 

Videos have a unique ability to capture attention faster than other forms of content. With visual and auditory elements, they provide a more immersive experience for viewers, allowing for a seamless understanding of the message. Incorporating video into your marketing strategy is essential in today’s fast-paced digital landscape.

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Explainer Videos Still Matter Today

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3. Improve social engagement

A post with videos has 10X more engagement compared to articles. That means having video content on your blog will drive more people to engage with your post.

This staggering number is nothing surprising these days. Since internet users have become more attached to watching online videos, they’ll automatically choose video content over written posts.  

Video content has greater retention rates that allow viewers to stay within the content until it ends. Compared to blog posts, fewer people leave a video at the first click. 

As a result, more people will be present during the video play and more likely to interact with the original poster through voting and sharing the video.  

If you’re looking for a better way to increase social engagement, use explainer videos once and for all.

4. Drive more traffic

Getting site traffic is quite daunting when you’re working for highly competing SEO keywords. There are several of your competitors who strive for a similar phrase. 

Without having the right, result-proven SEO strategy, you may lose the game even before entering it. After all, generating traffic is one of the most important methods for getting new customers. 

With explainer videos, you can rest assured that your blog traffic will be ‘guaranteed.’ As mentioned earlier, video content has ruled the internet, and more users are attracted to this type of content when surfing online. 

Incorporating explainer videos can help you improve your traffic as more internet users interact with it. You’ll get a higher chance of getting several views as well as generating high traffic to your site. 

5. Boost SEO rank

A search engine is now a great place for finding related videos to your query. When typing specific keywords, the search engine will show video content and SERP articles. 

But, did you know that video posts come up in the SERP first? 

Google has placed embedded YouTube videos on top of its search results. This allows users to find relevant content way faster. 

Moreover, sites with videos on them land better on SERP. That’s why having explainer videos on your blog can help you improve your SEO rank, as Google can index the video content more quickly. 

Videos help search engine crawlers recognize related content to user queries. Hence, giving you a chance to land on the first page of search results. 

In addition, including explainer videos on your site will reduce bounce rates significantly. The lower bounce rate means a better SEO score; thus, make sure to host a video on your blog.

6. Increase credibility

Producing videos usually isn’t an option since many have associated making videos with a big budget. While it’s not right for the most part, it’s not wrong either.   

Creating marketing videos sometimes needs a huge resource, including time and costs. Although you can make the video on your own, you know very well that having an explainer video company crafting your corporate video will give different results.  

That’s why most people perceive a company with corporate video differently. Having business videos often suggests that the company is serious about its service. Hence, giving off a sense of credibility to the audience. 

When people trust your business, it becomes easier to run marketing campaigns. After all, that’s what a company should pursue in the very beginning: customer trust. 

People won’t hesitate to use your product or service because they believe that you won’t let them down with your offer. 

7. Have a better ROI

Last but not least, incorporating explainer videos can help you achieve the desired ROI. 

There’s this one popular business case named Dollar Shave Club. This razor company was at their starting point when it released an entertaining explainer video. They were so serious about their business that the founder himself became an actor in that video. 

Long story short, the video was a big hit. It took YouTube by storm as it garnered a massive outcome within three days. 

In 2016, Unilever bought this company for a whopping $1 billion, making it one of the most successful small businesses ever. 

It is all thanks to their brilliant idea of using explainer videos in their marketing campaign. 

Bottom line

The use of explainer videos is an excellent video marketing strategy to date. With so many types and styles that you can choose to match your company values, you’re able to pick the right explainer videos for your business.

As video content evolves from a generic entertainment source into a marketing tactic, incorporating explainer videos has become mandatory.

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