Alert: Google’s New Search Reputation Policy Approaching

Alert: Google's New Search Reputation Policy Approaching

Google’s new Search spam policy for reputation abuse (or parasite SEO) will take effect in a few days, after May 5.

We knew it was coming. Google announced this change in March, along with other search changes like the March 2024 core update (finished April 19) and spam updates (completed March 20).

Google’s reminder. Google Search Central reported on X:

What defines site reputation abuse? When third-party sites host low-quality material provided by third parties to benefit from their ranking authority. As Google informed us in March:

  • “A third party might publish payday loan reviews on a trusted educational website to gain ranking benefit from the site.”
  • “Such content ranking highly in Search can confuse or mislead visitors who may have vastly different expectations for the content on a given website.” 

Google’s new policy defines site reputation abuse as “third-party content produced primarily for ranking purposes and without close oversight of a website owner” and “intended to manipulate Search rankings” which will be regarded as spam.

But. Google clarified that not all third-party content will be labeled spam:

“Many publications include advertising material aimed at their regular audience rather than solely manipulating search rankings. This type of material, often known as ‘native advertising’ or ‘advertorial,’ is unlikely to mislead regular readers of the magazine whether they encounter it directly on the publisher’s website or through Google’s search results.

Google said in March that it will begin to take both automatic and manual steps against this misuse on May 5. That time is only a few days away.

Why we care. Many SEOs have complained about the harm and injustice caused by parasitic SEO. With so many recent concerns about the quality of search results, we’ll see if this helps to address the issue.

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