AnalyticsIQ Launches Predictive Tool for Consumer Marketing 

AnalyticsIQ Launches Predictive Tool for Consumer Marketing

AnalyticsIQ, an importer of predictive people-based data, is delighted to unveil ChannelIQ, its latest marketing data and analytics innovation.

This extension and new addition to AnalyticsIQ’s comprehensive array of predictive data solutions gives dependable and actionable information into consumer marketing channel preferences, allowing brands and marketers to improve message, targeting, and campaign effectiveness.

ChannelIQ is an innovative and powerful suite of data that covers a wide range of modern consumer channel behaviors, including social media activity, TV consumption, podcast habits, and more, as well as various aspects of each, such as channel responsiveness, activity level, amount of influence, content preferences, and more. ChannelIQ, developed using AnalyticsIQ’s research-based method of data production that combines cognitive psychology and data science, provides unprecedented insight into where target audiences spend their time and what captures their attention. ChannelIQ’s extensive research of content consumption habits, advertising receptivity, and ideal engagement periods enables marketers to create laser-focused campaigns that resonate strongly with their audiences.

Clients across sectors may enjoy significant benefits enabled by ChannelIQ data and analytics, which include:

Enhanced Targeting: Using ChannelIQ analytics, marketers can create highly focused marketing campaigns based on where their target audience spends the majority of their time. This guarantees that marketing efforts are not misused on platforms with poor interaction from their target audience.

Improved Media Planning: ChannelIQ data may help marketers pick more strategic channels, create targeted content, modify time and frequency, and more.

Improved customer segmentation: ChannelIQ’s extensive analysis of channel activity and consumption patterns enables more complex client segmentation beyond typical demographic information. This enables marketers to customize at scale, increase engagement, and drive conversion rates.

Marketing Spend Optimisation: Identifying high-performing channels allows marketers to optimize media costs. This requires reallocating resources from underperforming channels to others that provide a higher ROI.

“The AnalyticsIQ team is excited to announce the official release of ChannelIQ which gives marketers the unique ability to understand consumer activity as it relates to specific marketing channels,” stated Scarlett Shipp, president and CEO of AnalyticsIQ. “By providing deep insight into this crucial aspect of consumer behavior and targeted advertising, ChannelIQ enables the creation of more efficient, effective, and personalized strategies and can ultimately play an instrumental part in improving campaign ROI.”

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