Baidu Enhances Search with AI Chatbot Service

Baidu Enhances Search with AI Chatbot Service

According to reports, Baidu intends to introduce its AI chatbot as a stand-alone app before progressively integrating it into search by March.

Microsoft Bing is first. next Google. Currently, it is said that Baidu is preparing to integrate ChatGPT-inspired AI into its search results.

Why should we care?

There appears to be a race among the top search engines to incorporate AI chat into search. The eventual addition of chat features by search engines could have significant effects on both searchers (will the information be accurate and reliable?) and publishers (website traffic and visibility may be affected depending on how the AI chat is implemented within the search results).

There are many unanswered questions in this situation, therefore search marketers need to keep an eye on all of these events.

The AI chatbot from Baidu is anticipated to debut as a standalone app first (similar to ChatGPT). According to Chinese sources, it would then progressively be incorporated into the Baidu search by March.

The Wall Street Journal claims that Baidu is training its chatbot on Chinese and English-language sources both inside and outside of China’s firewall using its deep learning model ERNIE, which Baidu describes as “a “pre-training language model with 260 billion parameters.”

Baidu will also restrict the chatbot’s outputs in order to adhere to Chinese censorship laws.

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