Bing’s New ChatGPT Feature: A User’s Guide

Bing's New ChatGPT Feature: A User's Guide

In an effort to compete with Google Search, which currently holds the majority of the search engine industry, Microsoft is enhancing its Bing search engine with AI capabilities.

As part of the update, Bing users can leverage conversational AI, like ChatGPT, to find speedy and uncomplicated solutions. Whether it’s a complex recipe or understanding difficult technical aspects, questions can be about anything in life.

Users will be able to analyze computer code and proofread articles on Bing thanks to the AI-powered functionality.

Microsoft and OpenAI, the company behind the ChatGPT chatbot, have cooperated to make the functionality work on Bing. According to Microsoft, GPT-3, the AI platform that underpins ChatGPT, will also be used by Bing.

To “provide better search, more detailed responses, a new chat experience, and the potential to develop content,” the search will use a more advanced version of GPT-3.

Here is what you need to know if you want to test Bing search with a chatbot similar to ChatGPT.

What is the best way to use Bing with a ChatGPT-like chatbot?

According to Microsoft, the AI-powered Bing search engine is now available for testing. The new Bing is currently accessible in a limited desktop preview, and anyone may visit to test our example queries.

Users must sign up for the waitlist if they want to ask their own inquiries in any other case.

Later, the ChatGPT-like function will also be included in the Bing mobile app.

To do so, go to, look for the Chat option at the top, and then join the waitlist. Microsoft will send you an email to confirm your request once you have joined the waitlist.

How does a Bing chatbot that uses AI operate?

Microsoft emphasizes that Bing will continue to be a search engine, but it is launching a new chatbot to deliver conversational results.

Are you able to assist me with a 3-month workout schedule? The site results will still be displayed by Bing, but a new panel on the right will produce an AI-written response based on the web results.

Additionally, Microsoft has revealed that ChatGPT-powered AI will now offer citations, a function not present in the original ChatGPT.

Microsoft continues by stating that it is also updating its Edge browser to include a comparable ChatGPT AI-powered browser. By selecting Bing as the default search engine, users can have their browsers retrieve conversational results on the right.

Users will see a new chat option in the Edge sidebar. Here, users can submit questions to receive conversational responses.

How does Google respond to the updated Bing?

The company is developing its own chatbot, Bard, powered by LaMDA, a language module similar to GPT 3, and Google has announced a similar update.

Google might give the Chrome browser a similar feature. Google already allows users to communicate with AI through Google search.

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