Boost Your Marketing Creativity with WeArisma’s AI Tool

Boost Your Marketing Creativity with WeArisma's AI Tool

WeArisma, an earned media analytics business, has introduced what it highlights as a game-changing AI-powered visual search tool that will transform how companies find powerful sources to collaborate with.

This system is intended to provide exceptional search capabilities while also encouraging innovation and efficiency in marketing campaigns.

Using WeArisma’s worldwide earned media data, the AI system analyses important sources’ content to detect featured things, attributes, persons, and language in photos. This may help marketers by disclosing influencers who are celebrating significant life events, ensuring influencer networks are diverse and inclusive, and identifying influencers for successful cross-brand partnerships. 

Jenny Tsai, CEO and creator of WeArisma, stated, “Integrating AI into marketing tactics allows marketers to interact with high-performing influential sources who would otherwise go unnoticed, but this is only the beginning as we are working on industry-first solutions that continue to push the limits. The AI-powered visual search enables unparalleled creativity and precision in strategy design.”

“Marketers must explore AI’s capabilities and advances as it transforms the marketing environment. Google’s latest revelation, for example, on how Generative AI would be utilized in search, is expected to transform the way the internet runs while also presenting brand discoverability difficulties, with experts forecasting a 40% decline in direct traffic to websites.”

“This will make word-of-mouth and influencer marketing more crucial than ever, as companies try to build up direct relationships through trustworthy social media sources. Our new tool equips forward-thinking businesses to be early leaders in pioneering this and enhancing strategy success.” 

Use Cases for AI Visual Search

WeArisma’s AI visual search can help marketers find new content and create relationships with influencers to increase audience engagement at the appropriate time.

Brands and agencies may benefit from AI Search technology:

  • Seek out and collaborate with influencers who cover life events that are relevant to your products and services. Engaging with influencers presently experiencing key milestones such as births or wedding preparation creates real interactions, resulting in true bonds and trust with their audience.
  • Make sure the influencer communities you connect with are diverse and inclusive. Marketers could look for influencers from all backgrounds to produce more inclusive commercials, reach a larger audience, celebrate diversity, and promote inclusion.
  • Maintain great visual consistency throughout all social media and influencer efforts. This allows marketers to maintain creative harmony by pairing influencers with visual styles consistent with the campaign’s topic, resulting in a cohesive brand identity.
  • Choose the ideal influencers for a successful cross-brand collaboration. AI visual search can identify influencers whose audience demographics match those of your business and possible partner brands. This promotes productive cooperation, increases exposure, and generates synergies that widen brand reach across important customer categories.
  • Learn about competitor visual influencer methods to keep a competitive advantage in the market. Researching competitor strategies for various themes, goods, or campaigns may help refine earned media methods, capitalize on emerging trends, and maintain market relevance and competitiveness.

Source- MarketingTech

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