Brief Global Outage Impacts Google Workspace Users

Brief Global Outage Impacts Google Workspace Users qa

On Monday, a few users worldwide, including those in India, were unable to use some Google services, including Gmail and Workspace.

On the website, which tracks outages, almost 60% of users reported troubles with the Google website, while 35% had login issues.

When their accounts were momentarily inaccessible, several users encountered a transient error (500). Many wrote about the Google services outage on Twitter.

“Is Google down for everyone then? unable to access any personal or professional Gmail accounts and unable to utilize any AI devices, “one user posted.

For some users, Google services like Gmail had slowly started to function again. The company has not yet provided a comment regarding the cause of the outage.

Global Gmail users last week were affected by a Google service outage that made it difficult to sync emails with Microsoft servers using the Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP).

Users of Gmail reported not receiving emails and having trouble syncing their Hotmail accounts. The business accepted the reports and declared it was looking into the matter.

“Microsoft servers’ failures during IMAP syncs are causing problems with Gmail syncing. Our current assessment is that the problem only exists for users syncing their email from Microsoft servers, “As per Google.

The company provided an update, saying, “The inquiry from our engineering has not discovered any issues with Gmail application authentication and we are continuing to investigate further for the main cause.”

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