Driving SEO Success: Tata CLiQ’s Collab with Social Beat

Driving SEO Success: Tata CLiQ's Collaboration with Social Beat

Social Beat, India’s rapidly growing independent digital marketing firm, has secured the SEO mandate from Tata CLiQ. 

Social Beat’s Mumbai offices will manage this account, which was acquired following a competitive evaluation of multiple agencies.

They are tasked with systematically optimizing the current content and introducing new, well-optimized category pages on Tata CLiQ’s platform to double monthly organic traffic.

According to Shishir Kataria, Director of Marketing at Tata CLiQ, whether in e-commerce or heavily depend on search and discovery throughout their shopping journey. 

This holds whether they are exploring the latest fashion trends or searching for the best deals. A platform’s capacity to organically become a part of this journey significantly influences its appeal to potential shoppers. 

Tata CLiQ is confident that Social Beat will assist them in developing highly discoverable content to enhance their engagement. 

Their primary objective remains to attract more shoppers to their platform by offering optimized and curated products and pertinent content.

Vikas Chawla, Co-Founder of Social Beat, expressed enthusiasm about their partnership with Tata CLiQ in their journey of growth. 

They aim to substantially increase traffic to the Tata CLiQ platform within the next year. Their team, comprising SEO and content strategy experts, will work closely to achieve this goal.

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