Elon Musk Announces New Twitter Navigation Tools for January

Elon Musk Announces New Twitter Navigation Tools for January

Elon Musk on Saturday unveiled new navigation functions that will be made accessible on Twitter in the upcoming months in an effort to speed up the network.

Twitter Navigation, which enables swiping to the side to transition between recommended and followed tweets, topics, trends, etc., will be available in January, he announced in a tweet.

Until then, he advised, “touch the star icon on the top right of the home screen to switch”.

According to Musk, switching between tasks is beneficial.

He said that as Twitter AI becomes better, suggested tweets, lists, and topics would get better.

On Twitter, Musk indicated that swiping across lists will also be possible.

He was asked by a user if they could also sort the users they followed by categories. To that, Musk has not yet responded.

Users seem to like the “view counts for tweets” feature, as promised by the CEO of Twitter.

The list of benefits for Twitter’s blue service has also been modified, and it now states that those who pay the $8 monthly fee will now receive “prioritized ranking in chats.”

The Blue Subscribers are also able to submit videos from the internet that are up to 60 minutes long, 1080p, and 2GB in size.

Prior to now, 1080p movies with a 512MB file size cap were the only video formats that Twitter Blue subscribers could submit to the site.

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