Enhance LinkedIn Engagement with Algorithmic Posts

Enhance LinkedIn Engagement with Algorithmic Posts

With the advent of new “Suggested Posts” that will be highlighted to you based on your interests, LinkedIn is the most recent social media site to incorporate algorithmically recommended posts from across its network. This expands the pool of content that it may present to users in-stream.

According to LinkedIn:

“The number of people participating in posts that share knowledge, ideas, and support has increased by twofold in the past year. LinkedIn is home to a wealth of insightful conversations, but unless you pay attention to the proper ones, it might be difficult to know what you’re missing. We are trying Recommended Posts in your Feed to help you find more pertinent material that you might otherwise be unaware of. We’ll do the legwork to discover what’s hot among professionals in your area with Recommended posts, and we’ll surface interesting discussions on subjects that could be highly pertinent to you”.

As you can see from the example above, suggested items will display in your feed with a ‘Suggested’ label as LinkedIn’s algorithm attempts to highlight information that may be of interest based on your interaction behavior.

Which effectively continues TikTok’s trend of extending content recommendations outside of your social network. Because the focus on TikTok is on the content rather than the users you choose to follow, the platform’s algorithm can showcase the most popular content rather than being constrained by your manual picks.

To increase discovery and encourage longer scrolling Meta and Twitter are now also attempting to cram more recommended material into user feeds. This results in significantly increased engagement and a more engaging feed.

Enhance LinkedIn Engagement with Algorithmic Posts

But, it also appears to weaken the need for a feed algorithm. Because users soon followed so many profiles and people that it was no longer rational to present you with the content in chronological order, Twitter and Meta both created algorithms to make sure that the best, most interesting posts are displayed to you each time you log in.

But, they are currently including even more stuff from accounts that you do not follow. It would appear that you would see even less of the stuff that you have selected to view in each app as a result.

Yet the strong degree of engagement on TikTok has encouraged increased consideration of this element by almost every other app, which is why LinkedIn is now trying to join in.

Also, it may indicate that there is a higher likelihood that individuals who could be interested in what you are putting on LinkedIn will see it. Although it’s not yet obvious what kind of additional boosts these posts will receive, it may be something to keep an eye on in the coming months.

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