Google Contacts Introduces a New “Illustrations” Function For Android

Google Contacts Gets a Makeover with Illustrations on Android"

While modifying any contact in Contacts, the new Google Illustrations tool is accessible.

Google, a global leader in technology, has added its Illustrations tool to its Android contact management app, “Google Contacts,” enabling users to upload a unique profile photo.

The new “Google Illustrations” tool in Contacts is accessible while editing any contact.

According to 9To5Google, the first tab that appears after “Google Images” and “Device photos” is “Illustrations.”

In September 2021, the “Google Illustrations” option was added to Gmail.

Although the collections have not altered, the tech behemoth has since launched new options in each of the subcategories.

Users can now view a new “Quick crops” function that shows intriguing portions of a picture and joins the other color tools once they have selected an image and are in the editor, according to the report.

In the meantime, Google Contacts on Android now has a new “Highlight” tab.

Between “Contacts” and “Fix & manage” in the Material You bottom bar is where the new tab can be found.

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