Google Introduces Tool for Easy Enhanced Conversions Setup

Google Introduces Tool for Easy Enhanced Conversions Setup

Google launched EC Assist, a Chrome extension meant to help marketers solve their Enhanced Conversions setup.

Why we care. Enhanced Conversions are critical for enhancing Google Ads performance, but implementing them correctly can be difficult.

How it runs:

  • Advertisers install the EC Assist Chrome addon.
  • They do a test conversion on their website.
  • EC Assist analyses possible difficulties and suggests the next steps.

Between the lines. This tool highlights Google’s attempts to make complex advertising technologies more accessible to a larger audience.

What the advertisers think. We first saw this change on the Head of PPC, Scott Carruthers’ LinkedIn.

I ran a poll on X to determine how difficult it is for individuals to set up Enhanced Conversions. It is not a chore for everyone. According to numerous sources, the level of complexity is connected to a website’s architecture. Boris Beceric and Rob P responded to X:

Big picture. Enhanced Conversions enable marketers to send hashed first-party conversion data to Google, which powers features such as Smart Bidding for enhanced ad performance.

Source- searchengineland

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