Google Marketing Live 2023: Complete Event Guide

Google Marketing Live 2023: Complete Event Guide

Here is a summary of all the marketing and advertising news from Google’s yearly event, including numerous examples of generative AI and new features.

This year’s Google Marketing Live (GML) event’s central theme may be encapsulated in the words “AI” alone.

Soon, artificial intelligence (AI) will be present in your Google Ads account everywhere.

The majority of today’s announcements included some kind of artificial intelligence, continuing the Google I/O trend.

Here is a summary of all the key information from Google Marketing Live, along with links to our in-depth coverage of each significant revelation.

Google Ads Allows you to Design Ads that Use Conversational AI

Directly from the Google Ads interface, you can now create Google Ads campaigns featuring Google AI-driven conversation.

Through conversation, the new asset creation function enables Google AI to handle some of the more difficult tasks (or at least get you started).

Google Marketing Live 2023: Complete Event Guide

Don’t worry, marketers! The AI-generated assets can be changed before they are published.

Google Search Generative Experience combines Search and Shopping advertisements

Google’s Search Generative Experience (SGE) was first mentioned to us at Google I/O just two weeks ago.

In the demo, all advertisements were placed outside of the chat-based interaction. This is currently changing. Google is attempting to include advertisements right into the Search Generative Experience.

Although this is currently an experiment, we can see a preview of what the future commercialization of SGE will look like.

Google PMax now Includes Generative AI for Creating Text Assets and Graphics

With Google AI embedded into the campaign creation process, Google’s newest campaign type will soon offer an even more automated experience.

Additionally, image creation utilizing generative AI will be added to assist in the generation of content for both image and video-heavy campaigns.

A new and improved target will also help you direct PMax efforts toward your ideal consumers.

Google Ads will Generate AI-Powered Assets that will Target Search Queries

Google AI will soon make automatically generated materials more relevant.

Instead of creating assets prior to the auction, Google AI will be able to create assets depending on the user intent of a specific inquiry using these new functionalities.

Google Marketing Live 2023: Complete Event Guide

Google Product Studio makes AI-Generated Pictures Available to Advertisers

Merchants will be able to edit, improve, or sharpen product photographs using Google AI with the new Product Studio tool from Google.

You may build dynamic backdrops using Product Studio, get rid of outdated, ugly ones, and even sharpen low-resolution pictures.

Google: Merchant Centre Next will Take its Place

Up to 2024, Google Merchant Centre Next will take the place of Google Merchant Centre.

This streamlined location for product feeds may use information from your website to automate some of the more difficult technical labor for less tech-savvy retailers.

Additionally, an enhanced user interface and insights in the Performance tab aim to improve the platform experience.

7 New Google Ads Features Include Brand Restrictions in Broad Match, AI in Smart Bidding

Your Google Ads account will soon receive a few tactical additions, including greater analytics, additional tools to help Google navigate brand constraints, and, you guessed it, AI and LLMs in Smart Bidding.

Google Marketing Live 2023: Complete Event Guide

Google Ads has Added 2 New Campaign Types: Demand Gen and Video Views

Two brand-new campaign kinds were launched, so whether you want more YouTube views or a fresh approach to demand creation, you’re in luck.

  • To obtain the most views for a video, video view campaigns will include skippable in-stream commercials, in-feed ads, and Shorts ads.
  • To increase conversions, demand generation campaigns will appear on YouTube Shorts, YouTube in-stream, YouTube in-feed, Discover, and Gmail. Additionally, a new lookalike segment builder will assist advertisers in reaching new audiences.

Why we care. Although AI was heavily featured at this Google Marketing Live, it wasn’t pushed. The AI is demonstrated to be deployed in a way that will assist marketers with the difficult tasks they confront rather than taking over all of the jobs. Overall, these adjustments should significantly contribute to time savings and improved control when managing automated programs.

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