Google Seeks User Feedback on Home App Experience

Google Seeks User Feedback on Home App Experience

A detailed poll asking people to appraise the new experience was sent to certain Google Home app Public Preview users. It’s a card on the Activity tab, covering more than 20 pages.

After confirming that you are using the Public Preview, Google asks whether you are using an Android or iOS device, what country you are in (the US, UK, Australia, Canada, France, Japan, or another), and what categories of devices you have in your Home app (thermostats, Other, lights, Chromecast, displays, cameras, speakers, doorbells, sensors, locks, and Wi-Fi routers).

There are some “Technology Attitudes” questions to help determine what sort of user you are.

You are then questioned about your happiness with the real product and asked whether you would “recommend the Public Preview version of the Google Home app to your friends and family.” The next step is for you to provide an explanation for each response.

You’re asked if you’ve used a current or earlier generation Nest Cam (the Hub Max is mentioned in the latter) with the new Home app under a Cameras section. Google also asks if you’ve done something similar with Arlo or Logitech cameras.

Camera – Details asks more detailed questions regarding your video experience overall as well as the amount of video history you have (No membership, Nest Aware, Aware Plus). Additionally, you may elaborate on why you don’t like Live view, reviewing recorded video, navigating film history, quickly accessing camera options, and communicating with guests.

Another question asks if you “prefer utilizing the horizontal events view or the vertical timeline view” for video history.

Favorites & Controls, Lighting, Entertainment, and Automations Tab & Routines, with a breakout on Household Routines, are other important areas. Google also inquires about the Settings tab and the Home & Away switcher.

Near the conclusion, Google asks if you like the Public Preview version of the Google Home app over an earlier version, as well as if you’ve recently used the Nest app and how it compares.

The “Google Home App – Public Preview survey” is available here. Since it’s a Google Form, your progress is recorded, so you should be able to come back at any time.

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