How Microsoft is Revolutionising Search with Bing Chat

How Microsoft is Revolutionising Search with Bing Chat

It’s possible that Bing will substitute Bing Chat responses for the default ones you see at the top of the Bing Search results.

The head of Bing Search and Bing Chat, Mikhail Parakhin, stated on Twitter over the weekend that the current Bing Search replies “use ancient technology and crowdsourcing” and that Bing “will replace them ASAP” with Bing Chat responses.

As a result, Parakhin noted, there may be a new user interface for the responses Bing Search gives to user inquiries right in the Bing search results.

How it would appear

While it’s difficult to predict exactly how these Bing Chat-based responses will appear, we did notice a brand-new feature that compiles responses from various online sources and presents them in a way that is similar to Bing Chat responses.

Improved Bing Search and Bing Chat integration

Bing Search will soon be enhanced and integrated with Bing Chat, according to Parakhin:

  • The issues keep coming in because it’s a tough interaction.

Increase in Bing Chat

This information follows Microsoft’s recent disclosure of a few metrics demonstrating the expansion of Bing chat:

  • Over 100 million users are active each day.
  • 45 million talks altogether.
  • Bing Chat is used daily by one-third of daily preview users.
  • Users of the preview account for one-third of all Bing users.

Why it Matters to us

It will be interesting to see how search changes as AI conversation features are introduced, and this will be crucial for publishers, content producers, marketers, and SEOs. 

Click-through rates and website traffic may be impacted if Bing switches from highlighted snippet-like results to Bing Chat responses.

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