Merchant Sales May Rise with Google’s Structured Data Update

Merchant Sales May Rise with Google’s Structured Data Update

Google adds structured data to facilitate upgrades of brand knowledge panels, which may boost merchant traffic and revenues.

Google revised its structured data rules to include a site-wide return policy in the Organisation’s structured data. This update avoids providing return policy information in the structured data for each product listing, thereby increasing traffic and sales for online shops.

Merchants do not need to adjust their present structured data; the old way is still viable. This upgrade provides a more simplified method, reducing the quantity of product-specific structured data.

Enhancement to Brand Knowledge Panel

Google’s modification to the organization’s structured data will be visible in the brand panel displayed when someone searches for a brand name. The updated brand panel will now include a new section that highlights the company’s return policy.

Advantages of an Organizational-Level Return Policy 

With this change, Google is adding search functionality to Knowledge Panels and Brand Panels to showcase a merchant’s return policies. This means that a merchant’s return policy will be visible in search results, which could lead to higher clickthrough rates from search engine results pages (SERPs) and an improved conversion rate.

According to research undertaken by the International Council of Shopping Centres (ICSC) in 2024, an online merchant’s returns policy has a significant impact on its customers.

They discovered:

“82% of respondents indicated that return policies influence their decision to purchase from an online business.

71% of respondents said they would cease shopping online if stores charged for returning items. Additionally, 61% mentioned they would stop shopping online if stores shortened the free return window.”

A return policy can be used to increase online sales, and Google’s new support for sitewide returns policy structured data makes it easier to communicate such information to online customers straight from search.

Google’s announcement stated:

“Return policies are crucial for customers when shopping online. Last year, we enabled the extraction of structured data return policies for individual products. Today, we are extending support to include return policies at the organization level, allowing you to set a general return policy for your entire company instead of having one for each specific product.”

Including a return policy in your organization’s structured data is particularly important if you don’t have a Merchant Centre account and want to display a return policy for your business. Merchant Centre users can already set a return policy there, so if you have an account, we suggest doing so.

…For websites representing online or local businesses, we recommend choosing one of the Organisation subtypes: OnlineStore or LocalBusiness.

We hope this update simplifies the process of implementing return policies for your business and ensures they are displayed across Google shopping experiences.

Google Updates the Structured Data Documentation for Organizations.

Google introduced a new section to their Organisation’s structured data guide to reflect support for this new manner of displaying return policies in search results.

According to the new information,


If your company has general return policies, use the following attributes to define them. If you have special regulations for each product, utilize merchant listing markup instead.”

Read Google’s announcement.

Adding markup support for organizational-level return policies.

The new MerchantReturnPolicy documentation is available on Google’s official Organisation structured data website.

Structured data for organizations – MerchantReturnPolicy.

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