Microsoft Introduces Ads in Bing Chat on Windows 11 Copilot

Microsoft Introduces Ads in Bing Chat on Windows 11 Copilot

Not surprisingly, Microsoft has incorporated advertisements into Windows Copilot on Windows 11. 

These ads show up when people search for things like “Amazon Prime vs. Netflix.”

In such queries, Amazon Prime ads can appear in Windows 11 Copilot. This wasn’t surprising, as Windows Copilot uses Bing Chat in Microsoft Edge’s WebView.

Microsoft seems to be adopting a similar approach to Google, which has long capitalized on ads within its platforms. 

Although Bing Chat is a relatively recent addition, it has gained popularity in AI communities, particularly among those who prefer not to subscribe to ChatGPT for GPT-4 and DALL-E services. 

While advertisements within Bing are tolerable, users are less pleased with ads infiltrating Windows Copilot, an integral feature of the Windows 11 operating system.


The current preview of Windows Copilot may be deemed unexciting and sluggish, but substantial changes are in the pipeline, including plugin support and integration with other Microsoft applications. 

For instance, you may soon have the ability to open a Word document containing numerous paragraphs and thousands of words and request Copilot to provide a summary.

Copilot encompasses all of Microsoft’s AI efforts, including Bing Chat, ChatGPT, and another substantial language model (LLM). 

  • This enables Copilot to comprehend context, including the currently opened app on your screen and more. 
  • However, it is not yet capable of launching apps or executing commands via voice or chat.
  • It’s important to clarify that Copilot is not intended to function like Cortana, launching apps or folders in Windows. 
  • It is a potent AI integrated into Windows, although its full AI capabilities are still under development.

Fortunately, Copilot occupies minimal storage space on the device and is optional. If you are not fond of Windows Copilot, you have the option to disable it using the Group Policy editor.

Can you disable ads in Windows Copilot?

At present, there is no option available to deactivate ads within Windows Copilot. Microsoft’s inclusion of ads in Windows 11 Copilot may raise concerns, but it also provides an alternative perspective. 

In an era dominated by Google’s search engine, Microsoft’s endeavor to remain relevant through this feature is understandable. 

  • Sustaining Bing AI, especially when offered for free, necessitates some form of revenue generation.
  • While integrating ads may serve as a monetization strategy for tech giants, finding the right balance is crucial. 
  • Particularly when users have already paid for Windows, it may be worthwhile for Microsoft to consider making ads within Copilot optional on Windows 11.

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