Microsoft Introduces AI-Powered Writing Support for Office Suite

Microsoft Introduces AI-Powered Writing Support for Office Suite

According to a study, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Outlook may soon receive an upgrade that includes support for AI elements that are said to enhance their use. The Redmond business reportedly tried to include AI capabilities akin to ChatGPT into its Office productivity tools for word processing, presentations, and email management.

Thanks to Microsoft’s investments in the artificial intelligence startup, its AI model, which is built on technology from Open AI, has already started beta testing.

The Verge reports that Microsoft will soon demonstrate the integration of its Prometheus Model with OpenAI’s cutting-edge technology. 

The report is based on sources familiar with the company’s plans. Although the story makes no mention of a deadline, the business is reportedly getting ready to preview the technology on Word, PowerPoint, and Outlook productivity apps in the coming weeks

In an effort to take on search market leader Google, Microsoft earlier this month declared that it will incorporate AI capabilities akin to ChatGPT into its Bing search engine.

The Associated Press was informed at the time by a Microsoft executive that the search engine’s new AI capabilities would be “faster, more accurate, and more powerful than ChatGPT” and that they would be created using technology from the San Francisco startup that was tailored for conducting online searches.

Microsoft and OpenAI have been working together for over three years. During that time, Microsoft invested $1 billion (roughly Rs. 8,400 crores) in building a supercomputer that could train OpenAI’s machine learning models, which rely on data from digital books, news articles, blog posts, and other publicly accessible information that can be scraped online.

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