New Google Chrome Version Released by Google

New Chrome Version

A new version of Google Chrome is being released, and it will always go live before the main stable build, according to a recent announcement from Google.

The goal of the newly created “early stable” channel is as straightforward as it can be: to give Google more time to detect major bugs and issues, allowing it to limit the damage if something goes wrong.

Only a small portion of users will get the new early stable channel, which will launch with Chrome 110’s release the following month.

“The release timetable for Chrome is being modified by us. The initial stable release date for Chrome 110 will be one week early. A small number of users will receive this beta stable version first, with the majority receiving it a week later on the regular release date. On this day, the new version will also be accessible from the Chrome download pages”, according to Google.

On January 12 of next month, Google Chrome 110’s beta version will be made available, and on February 1 of that same month, the early stable channel will receive an update.

Users will finally begin receiving Chrome 110 on February 7.

Google does not disclose how many users will receive the early stable builds of Google Chrome, but it is probable that everyone will still be able to update to the newest version early thanks to the stand-alone installers 

“We are able to monitor the release before it is made available to all of our users by delivering stable to a small subset of users ahead of schedule. If a major problem is found, it can be fixed while the effect is still minimal”, according to Google.

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