Opera Goes Smart with ChatGPT Integration

Opera Goes Smart With ChatGPT Integration

While Google and Microsoft compete for first place in the battle to improve their products with AI chatbots, it appears that a third party has entered the fray.

 After its parent firm Kunlun Tech on Wednesday announced its plans to integrate ChatGPT into its product, Opera is the newest player in the field. CNBC reported on the development.

However, the business has not provided any information regarding the functionalities or a rough timeline for the integration.

Currently, Opera offers a wide range of products. The business has recently begun broadening its portfolio with products that do more than just browse the web, even though many of them are just different iterations of its web browser.

Among other things, Loomi is a video streaming service and GameMaker is a “full development environment” for games. 

Though the company’s fleet of browsers is the obvious choice, it is yet unknown how and where ChatGPT will be integrated.

According to Statcounter data, Opera is lagging behind competitors like Firefox and Samsung Internet with a market share of just 2.4%. Chrome leads the pack with a share of 65.4%, followed by Safari at 18.71%.

Not only Opera, but other browsers will incorporate AI chatbot technology. In a recent announcement, Microsoft stated that its Edge browser and Bing search engine would soon benefit from AI and provide new ways to interact with the internet.

Even if Bard, Google’s own artificial intelligence chatbot, didn’t quite turn out the way the company had anticipated, it is still competing with Microsoft and OpenAI in this space. 

After Bard provided false information during its initial demo, Alphabet Inc., the parent company of Google, suffered a $100 billion worth loss.

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