Reddit’s Temporary Shutdown: What Happened and Why

Reddit's Temporary Shutdown: What Happened and Why

After experiencing an hour-long website and app outage on Tuesday, Reddit is back online.

The iOS app’s Home and Discover tabs were displaying content but not comment threads during the outage, and whenever I tried to open Reddit in my Chrome browser, I would frequently get an error message. According to Reddit’s status page as of 8:41 PM ET, the problem has been fixed.

It has taken some time to get here. Reddit declared the website to be “currently offline” at 3:18 PM ET, and in the hours that followed, the business offered a few updates.

Reddit’s main Twitter account made fun of the situation during the outage. “Enjoy the productivity,” it stated at 6:37 PM ET. We’ll shortly be operating normally again.

With a peak of more than 60,000 persons reporting troubles on Downdetector, the issue seemed to be pervasive.

The number of reports seems to have decreased as the outage continued, but that could just have been a result of how long the outage lasted and how few people were actively reporting problems. It’s unclear what exactly the issue is.

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