Revolutionizing Digital Marketing: Awin’s Partner Unveiled

Revolutionizing Digital Marketing: Awin's Partner Unveiled

Today, Awin, the global affiliate marketing platform, is announcing the launch of its enhanced features, unveiling a novel digital marketing ecosystem to confront the challenges confronting brands and online publishers worldwide. 

In a marketing landscape where a handful of large tech firms dominate and brands demand increased transparency, these enhancements introduce groundbreaking solutions that empower brands to reassert authority over their advertising expenditures, establish enduring marketing partnerships, and generate higher revenue.

The Challenge: Dominance of Big Tech in Digital Advertising Expenditure

Currently, nearly 75% of global digital advertising expenditure is funneled into three major technology platforms. 

Their market dominance and auction-based models have resulted in businesses grappling with soaring costs and minimal control over where their investments are allocated.

Similarly, a recent study by the US Association of National Advertisers (ANA) revealed that 23% of brand spending in programmatic advertising goes to waste, underscoring transparency issues within this realm. 

This wasted expenditure amounts to at least $20 billion, a figure one-third greater than the global investment set to flow into the affiliate industry by brands this year.

The Solution: Choice, Control, Customization, and ROI

Awin recognizes the growing need for an alternative as companies increasingly prioritize their bottom line and seek media investments they can trust. 

Its enhanced platform is a direct response to the demand from e-commerce brands for an advertising solution that is both adaptable and transparent, enabling them to attain their marketing objectives in an increasingly competitive environment.

The Awin partner ecosystem empowers brands to break free from these costly models by providing:

Choice: Brands can swiftly discover and select from over 1 million affiliate partners that align with their marketing goals through Awin’s AI-powered Partner Discovery tool.

Control: Brands can easily assess the value and impact of their investments using a comprehensive funnel and customer journey path reports to understand how customers find them online. Robust sector benchmarking reveals their competitive positioning.

Customization: Brands can leverage new data points and flexible compensation models to establish custom incentives that focus solely on the most valuable marketing actions, ensuring cost-effectiveness.

ROI: With their affiliate programs tailored to deliver highly targeted marketing value, brands can achieve a 14:1 return on their advertising investment when collaborating with Awin.

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Adam Ross, CEO of Awin, commented, Choice, control, and customization are pivotal in building mutually beneficial and enduring relationships in any business, especially within digital marketing. 

Awin’s partner ecosystem assists e-commerce brands in eliminating industry silos, intricate integrations, and wasteful spending, enabling them to establish advertising ecosystems that can easily scale based on individual requirements. 

We are enthusiastic about assisting customers in regaining control of their marketing, providing them with the freedom to grow in their way.

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