The Impact of AI on SEO and Content Growth

The Impact of AI on SEO and Content Growth

How well brands perform in organic search is impacted by building authority. And as AI in search advances, it is becoming even more crucial to establish authority, trust, and credibility as a signal on the subjects or industries you are well-known for or thought to be knowledgeable about.

A new analysis from the business SEO platform BrightEdge supports this.

Why it Matters to us.

Budgets for marketing have remained flat (or even decreased) due to the uncertain economy, and SEO has received more attention this year.

However, it also means that without making a bigger investment in SEO, SEOs are expected to generate more revenue and conversions.

In 2023, 58% intend to use AI in content creation and SEO. According to BrightEdge, search marketers are interested in using AI-generated content but haven’t quite figured out how:

  • Only 10% of marketers currently use AI for creating SEO content, but 58% plan to this year.

Probably exercising excessive caution is one factor in the 10% figure. Although ChatGPT and comparable tools can produce content quickly, the quality is still an issue due to AI “hallucination,” and many SEOs are concerned Google will be able to recognize and penalize AI content.

Google has long advised against using AI-generated content, though as of 2023, that advice has been relaxed. 

Google no longer cares whether your content is written by a human or an AI, as long as it is beneficial to readers and not intended to skew search results.

Why the modification? Probably because Google intends to integrate generative AI into its search experience in the near future.

In 2023, 90% of businesses will prioritize SEO. “Compounding value” is what BrightEdge refers to as being delivered by growing brand expertise and authority. 

In essence, this means that the websites that succeed in their sector or specialty continue to gain market share in search.

“We are seeing increased buy-in from enterprises, with 90% of organizations prioritizing SEO in 2023,” stated Jim Yu, CEO of BrightEdge, in reference to SEOs’ focus on high-value, impactful job performance in 2022.

Organizations can find compounded benefits over time for every $1 invested in SEO today, Yu said, leading to a higher ROI.

The idea that successful websites grow in popularity is reminiscent of Mike Grehan’s famous “filthy linking rich” theory. In other words, your performance in organic search improves as your SEO skills improve.

 Do you have all those links because you rank first or do you have all those links because you rank first?

Top 4 issues with business SEO in 2023.

BrightEdge also disclosed the difficulties SEOs are concentrating on:

Updates to search engines (41%).

Consumer behavior is evolving (33%).

Technological progress (14%).

Competitors (12%)

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