The Power of Animation in Modern Marketing

The Power of Animation in Modern Marketing

People of all ages adore animated videos because they are interesting and have been shown to keep viewers’ attention longer. According to research, websites with video content are 100% more likely to keep visitors on the page longer than those with only static images or text for them to read.

Animated content has a history of leaving brands with enduring impressions.

Additionally, there is more availability for watching videos while on the go because of the development of smartphones, increased internet usage, and the introduction of 5G. Customers watch 1-2 hours of videos every day on average.

Businesses have taken advantage of this vast potential by giving video-based adverts a higher priority than other media formats because of the high volume of consumption. Additionally, the use of animation in these movies provides the company with an advantage in improving brand recognition and establishing a connection with viewers.

An animation is a terrific tool for conveying intricate and technical ideas through storytelling, and it frequently works better than words and static images to bring an idea to life.

Additionally, viewers are more likely to concentrate on and participate in an animated video than a standard advertisement due to the inherent high entertainment value of animated content. And the results for brands have been tremendous.

Let’s examine some of the advantages that companies can get from including animation in their marketing and advertising plans:

1.  Simple to explain

Because everyone processes information differently, it is possible to avoid using lengthy texts and instead engage the audience through animation.

This will make it possible for the company to explain complex information and significant ideas to the audience in a more understandable way.

A wonderful way to explain actions or even walk someone through the actual process of using a product or service is through animation, which allows for a more straightforward method of communication.

2. Cost-effective

By using animation, a company may produce a marketing video for less money. Animated videos are a low-investment, high-return-on-investment option because they eliminate the need for physically booking shoot locations, hiring models, splurging on lighting and camera equipment, crew management, etc.

 Even though the cost of creating characters and cartoons from scratch is typically high, it is still affordable.

3. Timeless Flexibility

In marketing videos, a firm might use a famous person with a lot of name recognition to act as the company’s brand ambassador.

However, the brand would suffer greatly if its star power begins to fade or if the mentioned personality is involved in any legal or unethical incident.

In addition to suffering financial losses, the brand would be compelled to suspend its advertising and concentrate on developing a new one, which would incur further costs. However, with animation, one can be confident of the film’s consistency and timeless quality, which can continue to have the same impact on brand recall over a number of years and be used with ease for various promotions.

4. Improving Conversion Rates

Because its joyful and inventive look appeals to both adults and children, the animation is a versatile tool for reaching a wider audience. As a result, designing an animation to attract a larger audience can set your company apart from its competitors.

Furthermore, writers have the potential to create something that will linger in the thoughts of the readers and urge them to share the information on their social media platforms.

Animated commercials are advantageous for marketers since they are appropriate and cost-effective. A professional animation production firm offers these video services that are accessible to all marketers.

A competent cartoon-producing company may easily offer video services to marketers. Because animation brings in a new era of advertising, it helps companies draw in clients and provide important information. People also enjoy watching animated videos because of their creativity.

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