The Ultimate Guide to ChatGPT Chrome Extensions

Guide to ChatGPT chrome extension

There is no need to introduce ChatGPT. With 100 million users in just two months after inception, it is currently the most popular thing on the internet and will only grow in popularity.

The versatility of ChatGPT is enhanced by its potential to be integrated into many platforms, as Microsoft is doing. There is a way to experiment with the AI bot without having to join a waitlist, though, if you don’t want to do that.

Despite the AI conflict between Google and Microsoft, ChatGPT is not confined to Microsoft’s line of products. Check out these fantastic Google Chrome add-ons.

ChatGPT Author

A strong add-on that allows the prompt system in ChatGPT to generate emails and messages.

All websites are supported, and better Gmail support is included. It can generate email and message responses in a flash.

Google ChatGPT

If you believed that ChatGPT was solely useful for Microsoft’s Bing, this extension disproves your assumption.

This free extension fully supports Google, Bing, and DuckDuckGo and will display ChatGPT replies next to search engine results.

It utilizes the official OpenAI ChatGPT API, thus any changes made to the bot will remain in effect.

Genius ChatGPT Prompt

The generative capabilities of ChatGPT are well known, but proper prompting is required for optimal performance. It usually involves trial and error, eliminating prompts until you find one that produces the desired outcomes.

That will be taken care of by this extension. It enables you to download ChatGPT prompts in a document format for simple reading and allows you to import, save, and share them with other users.


You may use GPT on any website with Merlin, which is described as an “OpenAI GPT powered assistant.”

Simply highlight the content you want GPT to analyze, then call up Merlin to give it instructions. Your options include computing intricate Excel calculations, email replies, web page summaries, and more.


An add-on that enables “Conversation using ChatGPT,” Instead of inputting your prompts into ChatGPT, you can use Promptheus. similar to how you might communicate with Google Now or Apple’s Siri.

Engage AI

Face it, while LinkedIn is excellent, only some have the time to read every article and participate in discussions. On the platform, there is sadly no other means to generate leads.

You can let Engage AI handle that. It has the ability to read through posts and leave “insightful comments, saving hours of your work by engaging and boosting touchpoints with various LinkedIn leads for faster conversions.”

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