Togglehead Digital Introduces Togglehead Sports

Togglehead Digital Introduces Togglehead Sports

Togglehead has expanded its service range with the launch of Togglehead Sports. 

Togglehead Sports will focus on providing digital marketing, creating content, media management, and technological solutions targeted to the demands of sports organizations, leagues, and athletes. The new division intends to increase its clients’ exposure, engagement, and success in the sports business.

Mazhar Gadiwala, Vice President of Sports, will lead the enterprise. He leaves India On Track, where he was the account head.

Aatef Bham, Togglehead’s co-founder, continued, “We performed a trial with various sports companies over the last two years, and the client feedback was usually favorable. As a sports lover, I am overjoyed that we have launched this exciting new area with Togglehead Sports. Mazhar’s appointment as leader of our sports business is critical to our strategy of becoming India’s best sports marketing agency. We aim to bring a data-driven approach to sports marketing, combining our digital experience with a common enthusiasm for the sport. We do not simply want to be a sports marketing agency; we want to be the best in the business.”

Krish Ramnani, co-founder of Togglehead, stated, “The current set of sports marketing companies in India have a good understanding of sports and sports marketing, but very few incorporate data-driven analytics to build strategy, and that’s where we come in.” We excitedly anticipate forming long-term collaborations and playing an important role in the success stories of sports groups around the country.” 

Gadiwala stated, “Returning to India (from England) was a sensible choice, given the constantly expanding market and enormous potential in the sports business. The country’s sports future appears to be extremely promising, and Togglehead Sports is excited to play a role in creating it. We’ve seen a demand for unique, bespoke marketing solutions in the Indian sports business. The rising market, together with the identified gap, provides us with a unique potential to make a significant effect. I am excited to use our knowledge at Togglehead to make a substantial effect in the sports marketing sector and contribute to the general growth of sports in our country.” 

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