96% of Top Google Sites Have 1,000+ Unique Links

96% of Top Google Sites Have 1,000+ Unique Links

According to the current survey, only 0.3% of the top 10 websites had less than 100 backlinks, and none had 50 or fewer.

Can you rank in the top ten on Google with little links? Not according to a new report released today by Internet Marketing Ninjas. It concluded that:

  • Over 96% of Google’s top ten websites have over 1,000 backlinks from unique domains.
  • Only 0.3% had less than 100 backlinks.

Why should we care? Google has said that links are no longer one of the top three ranking signals and that “very few links are required to rank pages.” However, websites with high rankings have more backlinks. However, it is also true that high-ranking web pages tend to generate a lot more backlinks.

The final findings. Here’s a table displaying the total results:

Other interesting innovations from the backlink analysis:

  • Amazon placed in the top ten for 164 of the 200 keywords, with Walmart coming in second at 57.
  • The “weakest” website had 54 referring domains and was rated sixth.
  • The “minimum required to rank in the top 10” for local search phrases appears to be an average of 164 unique domain backlinks for the lowest ten sites.

But. According to the analysis, not all links are equally valuable. The authoritativeness of the connecting site, anchor text, and whether or not people click on the links are all factors that might impact the value of a link.

Regarding the data. The findings are based on an examination of the top ten Google Search results for 200 random commercial purpose search phrases, which included 1,113 distinct websites.

Go deeper. Eric Enge, a Search Engine Land writer and SMX speaker, has conducted several studies in recent years that demonstrate the usefulness of links:

Source- searchengineland

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