Uncover the Best Newsletters with LinkedIn’s New Feature

Uncover the Best Newsletters with LinkedIn's New Feature

Users will soon be able to view which newsletters other users have subscribed to on LinkedIn thanks to a new feature.

Beginning February 11, everyone who visits your profile will be able to view every subscription you have to a LinkedIn newsletter.

In a statement to users, LinkedIn explains that this move will make it easier for users to find a new information and keep up with business trends

Users cannot opt out of this requirement that all LinkedIn newsletter subscriptions be made public, even if they would want to keep their subscriptions private.

You may only unsubscribe if you don’t want your newsletter subscription to be visible to the public on LinkedIn.

Only if you don’t want your LinkedIn newsletter subscription to be viewable by the general public may you unsubscribe.

“We’ve heard from users like you that subscribing to Linkedin newsletters is a terrific way to get fresh perspectives and concepts on professional subjects that interest you. Additionally, we’ve noticed that members are searching for more effective ways to find newsletters that are pertinent to them.

We are making newsletter subscriptions public, including on profiles, to help with this finding. You’ll be able to see which emails subscribers value starting on February 11, 2023, just like you can view your shared hobbies, pages, and groups. Members will have new possibilities to be inspired, to work together, and to learn information that will help them grow their professions as a result of this increased visibility.

Unless you choose to unsubscribe, this change will apply to all of your subscriptions, both current and future. You may access your complete list of subscribed newsletters by going to the My Network page linked at the bottom of this email if you’d prefer not to share your subscriptions with other members. To stop your newsletters from being made public, simply unsubscribe.

Finding out which newsletters your colleagues read might be a great way to learn about the most current information in your industry.

Following well-known newsletters might assist job searchers to stay informed about market trends and employment prospects.

Knowing which emails a certain audience like might help firms and content producers create new marketing strategies to target them.

It’s great to see LinkedIn provide the ability for users to view which newsletters other users are subscribing to. Users will be able to find fresh information thanks to it, and newsletter writers may see an increase in subscriptions.

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