Unlock the Power of Gmail’s Package Tracking

Unlock the Power of Gmail's Package Tracking

Google first made the announcement that Gmail would directly display package and delivery tracking in your inbox back in November. You can manually turn on this functionality in Gmail settings if it isn’t already active.

The brand-new Gmail package tracking feature displays the status of delivery just beneath an email in the inbox view. A truck emblem and “Arriving [date]” are written in green.

Gmail has also changed the way that information appears when you open a message. It is now contained in a card with a background created using Dynamic Color. An image preview, name, and delivery date (“From the carrier”) are once more displayed in the top-left corner.

You might also see an “Order number” that is unique to a certain store and that you can quickly duplicate. There is an order timeline with quick links to “Order Information” and “Track package” underneath.

If you have several things, you actually see less information with “Items” reduced compared to the previous style.

Google stated that this functionality would be available on Android and iOS in the upcoming weeks when it was first introduced at the beginning of November. When it is, a card that says “Track your packages in Gmail” will appear at the top of your inbox.

For those who weren’t alerted by the card, you can access Gmail Settings from the navigation drawer on Android, choose your email address, and then go to “General” from the list of options. Package tracking – “Google will provide the shipping companies with the tracking numbers for your deliveries. Status updates are available in Gmail.

Open the updated settings on iOS, go to “Data privacy,” and then click “Apply.”

While Google promises to “proactively show a delay label and move the email to the top of your inbox” in the upcoming months, you may disable it if you prefer the traditional approach. The web version of Gmail will also get it.

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