Emailgistics Review: Revolutionize Your Inbox Management

Emailgistics Review: Revolutionize Your Inbox Management

Emailgistics, headquartered west of Toronto, Canada, along the shores of Lake Ontario, actively develops and constructs software to empower our customers to optimize productivity and efficiency when handling team inboxes within Microsoft Office 365.

Leveraging insights gained from over two decades of email workflow management, the Emailgistics team possesses an unparalleled understanding of the challenges and potential advantages associated with effective team email management. Through Emailgistics, they provide the benefits of this extensive knowledge and experience via a subscription-based, cloud-hosted Software-as-a-Service platform. Emailgistics operates as a Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider.

Their Team

a. Henry Lach: Co-Founder and CEO

Henry boasts over two decades of experience as a thriving entrepreneur within the customer service sector, with a special passion for email.

He has guided businesses of varying sizes, including Fortune 500 companies and e-commerce retailers, in reimagining their email processes to elevate the customer experience and achieve operational efficiencies.

b. Mark Wickens: Co-Founder and CTO

Mark has been a pioneer in technological advancements since the inception of the internet and possesses a deep understanding of designing products with the end user in focus.

He has served as the primary architect and creator of email management solutions, excelling in product management and software development.

c. Mike Senechal: Co-Founder and Director

Mike carries a track record of innovation and operational excellence, harnessing technology to consistently deliver exceptional outcomes for clients and end-users.

He has established numerous software-centric enterprises, marked by a history of successful acquisitions in the fields of fintech and insurtech.

Why Emailgistics?

a. The Problem

Managing workflow within Microsoft 365 shared mailboxes is currently devoid of any tools, and there is a notable absence of analytics to gauge performance.

b. The Solution

Emailgistics improves Microsoft 365 by introducing a range of workflow features, such as automated assignment, reassignment to the previous owner, and limitless custom assignment rules. Additionally, Emailgistics offers reports and dashboards that furnish essential productivity insights, enabling you to continuously enhance team performance.


a. Streamlined Collaboration

Emailgistics presents a comprehensive platform that simplifies and enhances collaboration within shared inboxes. It enables multiple team members to seamlessly access and handle shared email accounts. With functionalities like real-time email tracking, automatic email assignment to the appropriate team members, and shared email templates, Emailgistics ensures the prompt and efficient handling of every message.

b. Smart Email Routing

What distinguishes Emailgistics is its intelligent email routing system. By analyzing incoming emails’ content, context, and sender details, Emailgistics automatically allocates them to an available team member. This eliminates the need for manual sorting, ensuring immediate attention to each message, reducing response times, and boosting overall productivity.

c. Efficient Workflow

Emailgistics’ user-friendly interface allows team members to swiftly review incoming emails, categorize them, and prioritize responses. The setup of Rules and Alerts guarantees that emails are correctly assigned to the appropriate agents, preventing any emails from being overlooked.

Emailgistics empowers users with customizable tags, facilitating effortless email categorization and prioritization. Whether it involves marking emails as “Urgent,” “Important,” or attaching project-related tags.

d. Enhanced Collaboration

Emailgistics streamlines collaboration through its notes feature, eliminating the need for endless CCs and forwards. Users can include internal comments, reassign emails, and monitor conversation history—all without cluttering their inboxes.

Recognizing the importance of time-saving, Emailgistics allows users to employ email templates for swift responses while maintaining consistent and professional communication with customers. Streamline responses without sacrificing personalization.

e. Analytics and Reporting

Emailgistics goes beyond shared inbox management by offering comprehensive analytics and reporting features. It provides valuable insights into team performance, response times, workload distribution, and other crucial metrics. These analytics enable teams to identify bottlenecks, enhance efficiency, and continually optimize their email management processes through data-driven decision-making.


Emailgistics offers monthly billing in USD via credit card. You are billed for each user utilizing Emailgistics within a shared mailbox.

Any additions of users or plan upgrades will result in prorated charges for the remaining duration of your billing cycle.

Conversely, if you remove a user or downgrade your plan, the changes will take effect only at the start of the subsequent billing cycle. You have the flexibility to enter your billing details at any point during the trial period to transition to a paid subscriber.

Upon the conclusion of the 14-day free trial, failure to provide your billing information may result in the suspension of your account.

Should you decide to discontinue Emailgistics usage, you can remove your mailbox via our Emailgistics Admin interface.


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Final Thoughts

Utilizing Emailgistics provides numerous benefits when compared with conventional email management. It enhances organization and time management, bolsters security and collaboration, and fundamentally alters the way teams engage with emails, rendering the process more efficient and less stressful.

In a professional environment, Emailgistics unquestionably represents a game-changing solution for individuals seeking to optimize their email experience and elevate productivity.