Feather Review: Convert Notion Notes to SEO-Optimized Blog


Run your content machine seamlessly with Feather, a robust platform that simplifies the process of creating a lightning-fast blog using Notion as a CMS. It’s a set-and-forget solution! 

Transform your Notion content into a blog in minutes, effortlessly publishing it to your SEO-friendly platform without the need for coding or design skills.

Here’s how to get started:

Launch your blog in four simple steps:

  • Add your databases: Utilize your existing Notion databases or duplicate ours.
  • Map your fields: Match your Notion fields with Feather fields.
  • Choose your domain: Select a domain or subdomain for your blog.
  • Get your blog: Once completed, receive your professional blog.


  • Generate unlimited blog sites without any limitations.
  • Feel free to create as many blog sites as you desire, and there are no charges for creating additional ones.
  • Each site comes with its own custom domain and analytics.
  • Their pricing is determined based on page views.
  • View comprehensive blog analytics to observe your page views, visitors, referrers, clicks, and more for all your blogs.
  • Access built-in analytics for all your sites to determine where your blog is being discovered, identify the most clicked links, and ascertain the popularity of your posts.

Stay connected with your readers through an integrated form designed to gather emails from your blog audience. Easily collect and manage email addresses directly from your readers, export them as CSV files, and conveniently view all email entries within your dashboard. Ensure engagement with a default double opt-in process.

  • Craft high-quality content that meets your readers’ needs, and they’ll take care of the rest with their SEO-tailored solution.
  • This includes setting up meta tags and canonical links, implementing structured Schema markup for your posts, and ensuring fast loading times by serving content from the edge.
  • Plus, they offer simple controls for overriding SEO settings.
  • Place your blog in a subfolder if you prefer. Opting for a subfolder setup is highly beneficial for SEO purposes.
  • You have the option to host your blog on various platforms:

Utilize a sub-domain such as blog.example.com.

Integrate your blog into the main domain, like example.com.

Integrate your blog as part of your existing website, such as example.com/blog.


On Feather, you have the freedom to create as many blog sites as you desire, with plans starting at $39 per month.

Each blog functions as an independent website and can host an unlimited number of articles. They won’t impose additional charges or limitations if you exceed the specified limits.

Instead, they’ll proactively contact you to notify you of any overages. They provide ample time for you to make a decision and upgrade to a higher plan.


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2. SaaSHub

Final Thoughts

Feather provides a smooth method for quickly turning Notion notes into blog entries that are optimized for search engines. 

Users may convert their thoughts and insights from Notion into interesting content that performs well in search engines by using Feather’s user-friendly platform. 

Feather’s features, such as its customizable templates and integrated SEO tools, let users improve their web presence and expedite the process of creating content. 

Feather enables users to efficiently engage with their target audience with engaging blog posts and optimize the potential of your Notion notes, regardless of whether you’re a blogger, content producer, or company owner. 

Take advantage of Feather’s efficiency and ease to improve your content strategy and produce significant outcomes right now.