Fielda Review: Embrace Data Collection with Mobile Ease

Fielda: Embrace the Future of Data Collection with Mobile Ease

Fielda is an intelligent and user-friendly mobile software designed to streamline field activity management for businesses.

Whether it’s Field Asset inspection, mobile data collection, or conducting surveys, Fielda simplifies these processes.

Their proprietary Geospatial Software (GIS) Maps enhance mobile data collection, providing in-depth insights for your organization.

No-code form builders, completely configurable forms, seamless workflows, real-time analytics, picture capture, and simple application connection are just a few of Fielda’s outstanding features. These features have made Fielda a popular choice among their satisfied customers.


Fielda effectively manages over 2.5 million assets and offers specialized solutions tailored to the Electric, Oil & Gas, Water, Property Management, Engineering, and Telecom industries.

Embrace the power of Fielda and optimize your field activity management with our smart and intuitive mobile software.

Their Mission

At Fielda, their core, they are dedicated to empowering their customers and propelling their businesses forward. By comprehending the unique challenges in their on-field operations, they craft software products tailored to specific industries, streamlining business processes and driving transformative growth.

Features of Fielda

Fielda features

A. Simplify Process of Data Collection

  • Simplify the process of mobile data collection, automate workflows, and offer additional valuable features
  • Fielda’s no-code platform empowers your team to tailor their workflows, and effortlessly create checklists and forms using the Form Builder.
  • Moreover, Fielda ensures complete visibility of field assets, enabling organizations to strategically plan and optimize asset performance.
  • Beyond offering asset and employee information, Fielda facilitates adherence to industry-specific compliances.
  • The collected data serves as a valuable resource to enhance asset availability and reliability, promoting efficiency in operations.

B. Reports

fielda features

Fielda simplifies the process of generating both ad hoc and scheduled reports effortlessly. By leveraging real-time data, our platform grants complete visibility of project details that your team can leverage effectively.

  • The comprehensive dashboards offer real-time business intelligence, aiding you in making informed decisions and optimizing your time and resources.
  • With access to real-time data, you can track the field team’s location and efficiently assign work based on proximity.
  • Furthermore, the advanced admin dashboard enables you to stay on top of multiple projects, providing simplified insights.
  • You can easily monitor, track, follow GPS breadcrumbs, and download custom reports tailored to your specific requirements.

C. No Code Platform

fielda features

Fielda is revolutionizing the way Field Technicians design personalized workflows and forms, making the process more accessible than ever.

  • With the innovative form builder feature, every project can be tailored to meet specific needs, effectively redefining business processes without the need to write any code.
  • Using Fielda’s no-code platform, creating workflows, checklists, and forms becomes a breeze, allowing a seamless transition from paper-based to mobile forms in mere minutes.
  • The extensive customization options enable users to personalize workflows, forms, priorities, and reports, providing intuitive project management with smart decisions supported by real-time data.

D. Activity Management

fielda features

Fielda goes beyond just recording project details; it enables you to assess your team’s performance effectively. The platform assists in prioritizing team activities by tracking the Field team’s work and time spent, leading to significant improvements.

  • With Fielda, you can easily document and manage activities from start to finish. Add important notes, photos, and locations to enhance project documentation. Plan and schedule activities, keeping track of their due dates for efficient project management.
  • Fielda’s capabilities extend to managing multiple projects simultaneously.
  • Empower supervisors and managers to monitor, track, and oversee several projects at once, streamlining project management and ensuring optimal performance.
  • Stay updated in real-time with Fielda’s receive and push notification system.
  • You will receive timely notifications whenever activities are updated, enabling quicker decisions and seamless workflows.
  • These features enhance turnaround time and foster more efficient and productive project execution.

E. Geo Spatial Data

fielda features

Utilize GIS data to make well-informed decisions. Our exclusive GIS maps offer valuable location intelligence, allowing you to visualize, plan, and design your field assets with precision.

  • Employ GPS Breadcrumbs to effortlessly locate engineers and track their movements while working on various activities, ensuring efficient monitoring and task management.
  • Fielda helps you keep tabs on remote and access-challenged routes, simplifying access for your field engineers to ensure smooth operations.
  • With the capability to work offline, field technicians can access critical information through the mobile app even without network connectivity, enabling uninterrupted productivity.

Customize data collection to suit your project or organization’s specific needs. Capture unique information about your project’s status, process, risk, or classification with custom fields. Generate reports based on metrics unique to your project or business, allowing you to tailor data analysis and gain valuable insights.

F. Easy Integration

fielda features

Fielda offers seamless integration with numerous applications, streamlining data flow between different platforms. Importing and exporting legacy data becomes effortless, and data entry tasks can be automated.

  • Fielda’s 3rd party integrations allow you to import data from popular sources like Google Sheets, Microsoft Online, or your IT databases and APIs, expanding the capabilities of Fielda.
  • You can effortlessly connect external systems to enhance the functionalities of Fielda and make the most of its features.
  • Additionally, Fielda’s IoT integration with Asset Monitor ensures you stay constantly updated, allowing you to monitor assets effectively.
  • Fielda also offers integration with various billing systems and engineering systems, as well as with technologies like Drones, IoT, AVL, and others, empowering you with diverse tools and functionalities to optimize your field operations.

G. Work Flow Management

fielda features

Enhance efficiency and productivity with Fielda’s automated workflows. Customized workflows for each project streamline processes, eliminating repetitive tasks, resolving bottlenecks, reducing errors, and boosting productivity across multiple projects.

  • Getting started is quick and easy – simply add new users and grant them access to the relevant projects and data they need. The user-friendly form builder makes the process fast and hassle-free.
  • Fielda’s workflow management is optimized for efficiency, simplifying processes with rules and validations, minimizing opportunities for human errors.
  • Extensive customization options allow activities to be assigned to various stages that fit your workflow, from ‘To do’ to ‘Closed’ and everything in between.
  • Field technicians can access crucial information, such as task details and service locations, through the mobile app even without network connectivity.
  • This enables seamless teamwork and reduces costs, ensuring operations can continue smoothly regardless of network availability.

Fielda Pricing

The below screenshot gives an overview of the pricing details of Fielda.

Fielda pricing

Fielda Reviews

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How is Fielda Better than its Competitors?

Fielda stands out as a superior choice among alternatives due to its customizable workflows, extensive feature set, user-friendly interface, real-time data visibility, seamless integrations, offline access, multi-project management, and dedicated customer support.

These attributes collectively make Fielda a powerful and efficient solution for optimizing field activity management and driving operational excellence.

Final Thoughts

Fielda represents the cutting-edge future of data collection, offering businesses a seamless and efficient solution with mobile ease. By empowering field technicians to create customized workflows, access real-time data insights, and leverage offline capabilities, Fielda streamlines field activity management like never before.

With its user-friendly interface, extensive feature set, and seamless integrations, Fielda brings together the power of data and technology to redefine how businesses collect, manage, and utilize data in the field. Embracing Fielda means embracing the future of data collection, where productivity is enhanced, decision-making is informed, and operational excellence becomes the norm.

As businesses navigate an increasingly dynamic and competitive landscape, Fielda provides the tools and resources needed to stay ahead, adapt to changing conditions, and optimize field operations with mobile ease. Embrace the future of data collection with Fielda and unlock a world of possibilities for your organization’s success.