Findymail Review: B2B Email Data For Seamless Deal Closures

Findymail Review: B2B Email Data For Seamless Deal Closures

Findlymail is a trusted B2B email data provider that helps you find verified emails cleaned for immediate use.

With accurate data and prospecting automation, you can focus on completing deals instead of cleaning prospect data.

Using Findymail you can export Leads from Your Favourite Platforms like LinkedIn Sales Navigator or Apollo, allowing you to focus on closing deals rather than gathering data and get perfectly clean data every time.

Findlymail guarantees to have less than 5% invalid emails and offers the best email coverage on the market.


A. Email Finder


Find the email address of anybody, anywhere with guaranteed accuracy.

  • Find emails in bulk with their one-click file enrichment.
  • Create any automation using their Email Finder API.
  • Find emails instantly in Google Sheets

Finding emails is their specialty, and they’re on a mission to give high-quality data to every business.

B. Email Verifier

Unvalidated data harms your results. If your bounce rate exceeds 5%, your email domain’s reputation suffers and you start to appear in spam folders.

Every “risky” email you cannot safely send is an unreachable decision-maker and a missed business opportunity.

C. Sales Navigator Scraper

With reliable data and prospecting automation, you can focus on completing deals instead of cleansing prospects’ data. From Sales Navigator to your CRM in minutes.

1. Scrape the Sales Navigator results

Export up to 2500 prospects simultaneously from your Sales Navigator searches and listings.

2. Simple one-click automatic export

Launch an export with a single click and let Findymail do the tedious work for you.

3. Keep your account safe

They do not link to your LinkedIn profile. Everything happens in your browser as if you were doing it manually, protecting your LinkedIn account from any restrictions.

4. They clean it for us

Removes emoji titles, incorrect capitalization, etc. automatically.

5. They enrich it for us

All leads have a verified B2B email address. There will be no more than 5% invalid emails out of the box.

D. CRM Enrichment/Cleaning

Keep everything in balance. Compatibility with CRM platforms offers more efficient sales processes and data management in one place.

1. Make your CRM fill itself 

Eliminate manual changes by automatically updating your CRM entries with precise data every time.

a. The complete picture, without lifting a finger

Every record fills immediately as soon as it enters your CRM, giving you all the necessary context on your prospect without the need for human research.

b. More precise segmentation

Plugging data gaps in your CRMs guarantees that you create accurate segmentation and sales processes that are relevant to your target customers.

2. No more duplicates

It automatically discovers and combines duplicate records for you.

a. De-duplication on Autopilot

Datacare automatically checks and integrates records as they enter the CRM, decreasing the need for manual review.

b. Create quality connections

No more uncomfortable duplicate messages.

3. Automatically clear outdated information

Datacare monitors your current data regularly and, if necessary, updates outdated information with more recent versions.

a. Keep the bounce rate low

Datacare automatically deletes invalid emails and replaces them with new information, if available.

b. Automatically update old information

Your data is continually changing. People change occupations, and businesses develop. Datacare refreshes your data automatically, ensuring that you always have access to up-to-date information.


findymail pricing

Three plans are starting at $49 a month, making it more expensive than other options. There are no free plans or trials. However, you may test it out by verifying 10 email addresses for free.


review for findymail
review for findymail
review for findymail

Final Thoughts

Findymail is the final email finder you’ll need. Other email-finding tools will often charge you for invalid emails while also providing “verified” emails that are ultimately invalid.

Consequently, you, the customer, must either get a separate email verification tool to eliminate invalid emails from what you just purchased with the email finder, or you will be left wondering why your emails are suddenly being sent to spam.

They regard both possibilities to be terrible outcomes. That is why they decided to create a new email-finder. Their mission is to become your trusted email data source.