LambdaTest Review: AI Powdered Cross-Browser Testing Cloud

LambdaTest Review: AI Powdered Cross-Browser Testing Cloud

LambdaTest is a cloud-based AI-powered testing platform that provides an amazing user experience across all devices and browsers. 

Founded in 2017, LambdaTest is a cloud-based continuous quality testing tool that enables developers and testers to ship code more quickly. It is used by over 2 million people in 130 countries and by prominent organizations for testing.

LambdaTest enables manual and automated cross-browser testing for web applications across over 2000 browsers, operating systems, and devices. 

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Whether a user needs to test the website or web app on desktop browsers or the most recent mobile browsers running Android and iOS operating systems, LambdaTest offers a unified digital experience testing cloud to ensure an amazing user experience across all devices and browsers.

LambdaTest is on a mission to become the preferred cloud test orchestration and execution platform for millions of testers and developers, companies, SMBs, small teams, and open-source projects, allowing them to go to market quickly.

Why LambdaTest?

a. Single Sign-On

Simply activate Single Sign-On (SSO). To onboard the staff effortlessly, integrate LambdaTest with identity and access management technologies like as Okta, Active Directory, and OneLogin.

b. Multichannel Support

Quickly unlock the platform’s full potential with free training sessions, substantial support documentation, and learning resources. Benefit from a dedicated account manager or their 24-hour customer service.

c. Powerful Integrations

Increase productivity and teamwork with the 120+ ready-to-use connectors, which include CI/CD, project management, codeless automation, test management, and reporting tools for seamless collaboration.

d. Tailor-made Plans To Meet The Needs

They recognize that each company has distinct requirements. Businesses may pick and choose the features they desire. No questions were asked.

e. High-Performance Infrastructure

Their virtual machines are meant to be used just once to provide optimal testing conditions every time. There’s no need to rely on expensive and difficult-to-maintain in-house infrastructure anymore!

f. Actionable Insights

Obtain detailed results on test runs, browser and OS coverage, platform utilization, execution logs, and videos, among other things. Integrate with the analytics tool of your choice to create an insight report.


1. Online Cross-Browser Testing

Run real-time and automated cross-browser testing on over 3000 separate browsers, mobile devices, and operating systems.

  • Highest Browser Coverage

Perform live, interactive cross-browser testing on over 3000 different desktop and mobile browsers. Get immediate access to your preferred online browser, browser version, operating system, and screen resolution.

  • Accurate Testing

Choose from a variety of Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS versions that run both modern and legacy browsers. actual devices run actual operating systems and browsers.

  • Easy Debugging

Every browser on the LambdaTest cloud, including Chrome, Safari, Microsoft Edge, Yandex, and mobile browsers, comes pre-installed with native developer tools to help you debug.


a. Plugins and Extensions

Dedicated WordPress plugin and Chrome extension for cross-browser testing and full-page screenshots.

b. Test Locally Hosted Pages

Local-hosted web testing allows users to test in development settings and protect the website or app from issues that arise after deployment.

c. Geolocation Testing

Test the website or mobile app from various geoIPs to ensure that the users have an optimal experience in all locations.

2. Selenium Testing

Access the Selenium Grid Cloud of over 3000 desktop and mobile browsers. Run Selenium Online on LambdaTest to accelerate your release and ship with confidence.

  • Parallel Testing with Selenium Grid

Selenium Grid cloud, which is dependable, scalable, and secure, can help companies accelerate release cycles. Perform Selenium online tests in parallel to reduce test execution time by more than 10 times.

  • Mobile Browser Automation using Selenium

Try Selenium online to automate the testing of mobile websites and web apps across many mobile browsers, assuring a consistent UI and functioning across Android, iOS, and tablets.

  • On-premise Selenium Grid for Enterprises

Use LambdaTest’s cloud architecture for unmatched simplicity, complimented by the security and performance advantages of running behind the firewall. 


a. Automated Testing Dashboard

Explore detailed timelines, statistics, filters, and automation logs for all tests and builds, offering a complete picture of the testing activity.

b. SmartWait Allows for Confident Testing

Remove any unneeded wait-related exceptions from your test suite. With SmartWait, companies can say goodbye to any timeout or wait-based exceptions and release quality software quickly.

c. Improve Test Reliability Using Auto-Healing

Improve the resilience of a test suite by managing unexpected scenarios and mistakes, minimizing test flakiness, and increasing test suite reliability.

d. AI-driven Test Intelligence and Analytics

Identify important quality concerns by combining all test execution data with Test Analytics, and forecast and avoid future issues using test intelligence.

e. Geolocation Testing That is Not Standard

LambdaTest has an out-of-the-box IP and GPS geolocation testing functionality that allows users to test in over 120 countries and regions.

f. Enterprise-ready Tunnel For Local Testing

LambdaTest tunnel, developed for enterprise-ready Selenium testing, allows you to test locally hosted or privately hosted web apps and web pages securely and encrypted.

3. Cypress Testing

Run Cypress test scripts on LambdaTest to publish quality builds 10x quicker with over 50 browser versions in the cloud.

  • Run Automation Tests on Cypress Cloud

Automate Cypress web testing on the cloud for quicker execution and smooth scaling, while also guaranteeing that all end-to-end bottlenecks are completely tested.

  • Parallel Testing Can Help Cypress Tests Run Faster

Execute several tests concurrently on Cypress Cloud to drastically reduce total execution time, enhance test efficiency, and rapidly uncover flaws in the test suites.

  • Perform Cypress Visual Testing

Elevate Cypress Visual Testing on Cloud to achieve pixel-perfect precision, rapidly discover UI differences and improve cross-browser compatibility. 


a. Easy Integration

Easily combine Cypress and LambdaTest with simple setup steps and detailed instructions.

b. Scalability

Run parallel tests on various browsers and devices to save testing time and accelerate release cycles.

c. Speed and Performance

Experience lightning-fast test execution in optimized cloud settings, resulting in faster feedback and releases.

d. Reliability

Reduce flaky tests using LambdaTest’s dependable cloud infrastructure, resulting in consistent test runs.

4. Playwright Testing

The LambdaTest cloud allows users to run the Playwright test scripts instantaneously on more than 50 browser and operating system combinations. Execute Playwright testing in parallel to significantly reduce test execution time.

  • Run Playwright Tests Online Across Many Browsers

Execute the Playwright tests directly in the cloud, on powerful hardware, in an easily scalable environment. Tests may be done on over 50 browsers and browser versions, including Chrome, Chromium, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, and even Webkit.

  • Accelerate Playwright Test Execution by 50x

The LambdaTest platform can execute Playwright tests in parallel across 50+ browsers and OS variants, increasing the quality assurance feedback and release velocity.

  • Real-time Visibility Into The Test Execution Data

At LambdaTest, they realize how critical the test execution data is. Their Test Analytics package delivers real-time visibility into the testing activities, allowing users to immediately discover bottlenecks and high-impact issues.

  • Perform Visual Testing Using Playwright

Improve overall Playwright testing experience with LambdaTest’s Visual Regression Testing features. Detect visual faults with unprecedented precision across browsers and devices, assuring pixel-perfect correctness at all stages.

  • Test on Private Real Device Cloud

Dedicated iOS and Android devices for the employees, with 24/7 availability. Highly secure devices behind a firewall that may be customized to fit a particular workflow.


a. 24/7 Support

Gain access to industry-leading 24/7 dedicated assistance.

b. Zero Flakiness During the Test

Infrastructure that is extremely dependable and accurate, with no flaws.

c. 120+ Integrations

It integrates smoothly into your testing stack with out-of-the-box features.

d. 50+ Environments

Best cross-browser coverage on any cloud grid.

5. Mobile App Testing

LambdaTest’s online real-device cloud can help optimize native mobile app testing. Efficiently evaluate functionality, usability, and visual appeal across devices while lowering in-house lab expenditures.

  • No Downloads and No Configurations Are Required

Say goodbye to installs, downloads, and setups. Liberate the team by giving them fast access to emulators, simulators, and actual devices for seamless mobile app testing.

  • Run Automated Mobile App Tests

Run automated mobile testing using Appium. Find issues sooner by testing the native apps on a variety of real-world devices. Ensure a smooth user experience by avoiding cumbersome setups that slow you down.

  • Test On Emulators and Simulators

Emulators and simulators provided by LambdaTest can help to accelerate the process of mobile application testing. Eliminate the requirement for an internal device library by testing the apps on virtual mobile devices for various screen sizes, gestures, and so on.

  • Run Geolocation Testing Using GPS

Geolocation testing helps to align with the preferences of different locations before going live. Search for or set specified geographic coordinates to evaluate location-based experiences in any online or mobile app.

  • Quick and Easy App

It is possible to upload.apk and .ipa files directly or import them from Google Play, App Store, App Centre, or Test Flight. With a simple click, anyone can test their native app immediately—no setup is necessary. 


a. Seamless element interaction and inspection

b. Generate trustworthy custom XPaths

c. Debug the UI on real devices

d. Inspect hybrid apps

e. Easy app restart

f. Improved UX with intuitive UI

6. Real Devices Cloud

Test apps on the real-world device cloud. Remove the requirement for an internal device library, lowering operational expenses immediately.

  • Test on Real Android and iOS Devices in the Cloud

Test the websites and native applications on a variety of actual mobile devices. Upload and test the application on their cloud-based pool of thousands of Android and iOS devices for responsiveness, dependability, and compatibility.

  • Test on the Private Real Device Cloud

Dedicated iOS and Android devices for the employees, with 24/7 availability. Highly secure devices behind your firewall that may be customized to fit specific workflow. 

  • Visual Regression Testing on Real Devices

Experience immaculate visual consistency on every device with cutting-edge visual regression testing, ensuring the software looks perfect across all screens for optimum customer pleasure. 

7. AI-Powered Testing

Their AI-powered platform optimizes test orchestration, visibility, and automation to reduce bottlenecks.

  • AI-Powered Test Orchestration

The test orchestration intelligently organizes and distributes the tests across several testing environments. It takes into consideration previous runs and automatically reorders the tests to detect problems faster.

  • AI-powered Visual Regression

The AI-powered Visual Regression Testing Cloud assures UI excellence by automating across browsers, applications, websites, and PDFs to deliver quick and efficient results.

  • AI-powered Root Cause Analysis (RCA)

Their AI-powered Root Failure Analysis organizes mistakes into categories and makes direct recommendations for repairs, speeding up and improving the problem-solving process.

  • Flaky Test Detection and Customization

Use AI-powered insights to detect and analyze the root reasons for faulty tests, as well as track their failure history. Customize your test environment and apply flaky test analytics to identify trends, resulting in a much-improved test suite dependability.

  • Private Cloud Deployment Support

AI-powered insights are developed based on data from previous test builds. If you want to keep your test data behind your firewall, you may use the LambdaTest AI-powered platform in private cloud mode.


a. Error Trend Forecast

Test Intelligence’s powerful algorithms can detect mistake trends, allowing users to anticipate and prevent future problems.

b. Error Grouping and Classification

Classify and categorize various sorts of problems in test browser command execution logs to help users prioritize and resolve issues more quickly.

c. Analyse Test Cases

Improve test automation using Test Case Insights. Quickly obtain and customize insights into test cases for more efficient analysis and classification.

d. Detect Anomalies in Test Execution

The platform can also discover abnormalities in test executions across many settings, allowing users to ensure their application’s consistency and dependability before release.

8. Visual Regression Testing

The AI-powered Visual Regression Testing Cloud assures UI excellence by automating across browsers, applications, websites, and PDFs to deliver quick and efficient results.

  • PDF File Comparison with SmartUI

Ensure PDF quality and accuracy by identifying variations in text, layout, and visual elements. Create precise reports to ensure consistency in PDF UI across your products.

  • NPM CLI for Cross-Browser Testing

Streamline visual testing using the SDK for multi-browser/resolution tests on any device, and utilize the static CLI for mass static URL testing.

  • Validate UI Alternatives Without a Status Bar in Real Devices

SmartUI’s Status Bar Ignore feature improves visual comparisons by hiding the status bar from images, concentrating on important UI aspects, and employing superior image processing to reduce false positives.


a. Visual Testing on Real Devices

Visually test mobile applications and browsers on actual devices. Capture the whole user experience, simply and precisely.

b. Smart Baseline Branching

Smart Baseline Branching allows you to manage and compare visual test baselines across builds, making it simple to update and maintain baselines.

c. SmartUI’s GitHub App Integration

Visual feedback on the GitHub dashboard speeds review procedures and enhances code checks with Approved or Failed statuses, ultimately improving the overall quality of web projects.

d. Visual Test Storybook Components

SmartUI enables visual regression testing for your Storybook projects, assuring faultless UIs in every release.

e. Result and Reporting

Get extensive test reports, version comparisons, and real-time notifications with results and reporting.

f. Actionable Insights

Get access to detailed information on test runs, browser and OS coverage, and platform utilization. Integrate with an analytics platform to generate your insight reports.

9. Smart TV Testing

With LambdaTest cloud, users can accelerate the development of their Smart TV apps by testing them on real Apple TV, Roku TV, and Amazon Fire TV.

  • Appium Smart TV Automation

Automate smart TV testing on Apple TV, Fire TV, and Roku TV platforms using Appium on LambdaTest’s Real Device Cloud platform for fast app testing and performance assessment.

  • Perform Smart TV Testing in Parallel

Run automated TV app tests on several Smart TVs at the same time, and uncover flaws sooner by testing your applications on a diverse variety of actual smart TVs online, reducing test execution times by multiple orders of magnitude.

  • Locally Hosted Smart TV Tests on Cloud

Use the LambdaTest cloud to test a smart TV app, whether it is hosted locally or privately. To test locally hosted apps, use the Lambda Tunnel binary file or download their GUI software, Underpass.


a. IP and GPS-Based Geolocation Testing

Test the Smart TV app for Geo Blocking, Geo Targeting, and Geo Localization in 50+ countries.

b. Remote Control and Focus Management

Use the built-in remote control simulation to access your app remotely and navigate seamlessly.

c. Debug Using Video Recordings, Reports, and Logs

Debug with log and analytics support. View device logs, network logs, raw Appium logs, and complete video recordings of test runs.

10. HyperExecute

An AI powdered blazing fast end-to-end testing orchestration cloud that runs on Linux containers, MacOS, and Windows.

Why HyperExecute?

  • Intelligent Test Execution

It includes AI-powered smart features out of the box. Set up test discovery and execution in a variety of ways, set intelligent test retries, fail quickly, and much more.

  • AI-Based CI Features

Accelerate your testing efforts by intelligently hitting the relevant APIs, preparing test data, and producing post-testing insights, among other AI-powered capabilities, ensuring a quick go-to-market.

  • Customizable Test Environments

Pre and post-scripts allow the user to completely customize the test execution environment and provide the necessary dependencies to the runners. Testing as needed.

  • Test Artefact Management

Collects test execution artifacts such as reports, videos, and logs from all environments into a single downloadable file that can be accessed immediately from the dashboard. Managing artifacts has never been more straightforward.

  • Command Line Binary

The HyperExecute command line interface (CLI) allows users to run tests from both the system itself and the continuous integration environment. The uniform user experience makes it easy to adopt and integrate HyperExecute in any context.

  • Automatic Tunnel Management

Comes with automated tunnel management for private websites via a dedicated NAT (Network Address Translation) instance, assuring maximum security. Rest assured that your information is secure.

  • Dependency Caching

Intelligently caches all environment and framework-level dependencies to make subsequent test runs quicker, thereby reducing test execution time.

  • Smart Workflows

Workflows now allow users to schedule jobs and automate their execution.

  • Excellent Support

Support is only a click away!

HyperExecute includes thorough support documentation to help you get the most out of their solution.


a. HyperExecute For Private Cloud

Hyperexecute allows users to build up their own cloud runners and storage, ensuring that no data leaves the company’s firewall. Designed for corporations and designed to scale.

b. Supports Every Major Framework and Language

HyperExecute supports all programming languages and test automation frameworks.

c. CLI Integrations With All CI/CD Pipelines

If there are scripts that a user wishes to submit to HyperExecute regularly, you may connect the HyperExecute CLI to the CI/CD Pipeline to ensure seamless testing.


LambdaTest costs $15.0 per month. It offers three distinct plans:

  • Live for $15.00 each month.
  • Web & Mobile Browser Automation costs $99.00 per month.
  • Web Automation costs $128.00 per month.

They also provide a free plan with restricted functionality. They also provide Enterprise Plans for their product.


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LambdaTest is a cloud-based tool that uses artificial intelligence to facilitate cross-browser testing of websites and online applications.

It provides a smooth and efficient platform for cross-browser testing, allowing developers and QA specialists to test their online apps across a wide range of browsers and operating systems, assuring compatibility and performance. 

LambdaTest is an essential tool for teams looking to produce high-quality online experiences due to its ease of use and comprehensive set of tools and connectors. As the digital world evolves, the demand for reliable testing solutions grows, and LambdaTest meets this requirement with its unique and user-friendly approach.

It’s more than simply a tool; it’s a game changer for how one can approach web development and quality assurance in today’s fast-changing internet world.