LeadGen App Review: The Hidden Gem of Online Form Builders

LeadGen App: The Hidden Gem of Online Form Builders

The LeadGen App enables marketers and businesses to expand their customer and client base by acquiring higher-quality leads. To facilitate this, they have created a user-friendly form-builder for crafting online forms that are highly effective in generating leads.

Their app has been adopted by numerous small and medium-sized enterprises, digital marketers, and digital agencies worldwide. They are headquartered in Central London, at the heart of the UK’s technology industry.

Since 2018, they have been continuously improving the LeadGen App to establish it as the primary tool for creating forms that generate leads. Their efforts have paid off, as their app now serves thousands of determined businesses, marketers, agencies, and individuals across the globe.


The global organization is headquartered in the United Kingdom, with two offices situated in South West London and East London. Employees have the freedom to select their place of work, and remote working culture is also prevalent, with staff members operating from various parts of the world.

The team consists of tech enthusiasts, developers, product managers, and marketers who are dedicated to creating innovative technology that simplifies business operations. Their passion drives them to build exciting products.


The Founders

The leadership of LeadGen App comprises two founders, namely Waseem and Chris. Waseem is an accomplished data scientist and web designer who owns the digital conversion optimization and web agency.

His area of expertise is in designing landing pages that drive conversions for businesses and enterprises. Chris is an experienced digital marketer who specializes in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Sales Funnel Strategies.

Before founding LeadGen App, he established his digital marketing agency and successfully managed campaigns for numerous small and medium-sized enterprise clients worldwide.

In 2016, Waseem came across the idea of multi-step forms on Apple’s iPhone online support and was inspired to incorporate it into his web agency’s contact form.

Founders of Leadgenapp

However, at the time, there was no existing solution that met their requirements, so they decided to create a custom code for the form. Subsequently, they developed a minimum viable product of a multi-step form builder to use for their clients.

Over time, they continued to enhance the tool, attracting a growing number of users and transforming it into a performance-driven lead capture app and multi-step form builder tailored for marketers.

In 2020, LeadGen App joined Oracle for Startups, a prominent cloud technology company, to develop a cutting-edge web application and infrastructure.

The tool is continuously upgraded to enable marketing and sales teams to expand their lead generation and sales processes and achieve success by obtaining higher-quality leads and customers.

Features of LeadGen App

Effortlessly generate visually appealing forms with LeadGen App. You can create custom lead capture and multi-step forms in mere minutes, with no coding expertise necessary.

Utilize various question types, including short and long text, image or icon buttons, multiple-choice, email, date selection, address, and country, among others.

Features of leadgenapp

Add extra functionality to your forms with text boxes, images, conditional question trees, and calculators, among other features, to take them to the next level.

Elevate the appearance of your form with LeadGen App’s vast range of design options.

With LeadGen App, you have a plethora of form design options at your disposal, enabling you to create a form that accurately reflects your brand.

Features of leadgenapp

You can customize every dimension of your form’s appearance, from buttons and shadows to fonts and backgrounds. Once the form is embedded on your website, you can further customize it using custom CSS.

This allows for even more flexibility and creativity in designing your form, enabling you to fully unleash your creative potential.

Attain the most impressive form conversion rates within your industry using LeadGen App.

You can keep track of essential metrics and optimize your form’s performance with LeadGen App’s tracking dashboard.

Additionally, you can conduct A/B tests on a single landing page to compare various form variations and determine which ones generate the most conversions.

Leadgenapp's highest rated conversion

Furthermore, LeadGen App allows you to boost conversions by showcasing your latest leads as social proof on your landing page through the use of LeadProof popups.

Speed up the lead-follow-up process to increase your chances of converting more leads into sales with the LeadGen App.

With LeadGen App, you can link your lead forms to customized thank-you messages or redirect them to any URL of your choice after submission.

Additionally, you can receive email notifications to promptly follow up on new leads and convert them into sales.

Leadgenapp features

To ensure high-quality leads, LeadGen App also offers ReCAPTCHA fields and Geo-fencing options to restrict form visibility based on the user’s country.

Integrate LeadGen App with your existing marketing stack to streamline your lead generation and management process.

Integrate forms into your other online marketing software & tools via webhooks. Connect your leads to your email lists, your CRM, or other tools via 5,000+ integrations through our Zapier App.

Leadgenapp features

Track the traffic sources of your captured leads by assigning UTM parameters via hidden field names.

Why is LeadGen Better Than Its Competitors?

  • Easy customization of multi-step forms without any basic programming knowledge.
  • More than hundreds of templates to cover all the basic requirements.
  • Simple and user-friendly interface.
  • Intuitive form-builder with amazing features like different question types, conditional logic, etc

LeadGen App Pricing

The below screenshot gives an overview of the pricing details.

Leadgenapp pricing

LeadGen App Form Templates

Choose from their library of high-converting form templates for your website, which are readily available and can be easily customized to suit your specific requirements.

LeadGen App Integrations

They have over 5000+ LeadGen App Integrations, however, some of the featured integrations include:

A. Google Places Autocomplete

Enable your Lead Generation form visitors to enter their postcode and address by utilizing Google Cloud Places Autocomplete.

B. Google Analytics

Obtain information on form completion and abandonment rates as events in your Google Analytics profile.

C. Contact State

Create certificates that verify lead progress, information, marketing, adherence to regulations, consent, security, scoring, and audit records.

D. Zapier

Use their Zapier app to transmit your leads to more than 5,000 software tools.

E. LeadGen Event Tracking

Monitor form activities, including successful and unsuccessful submissions, with your own custom tracking scripts utilizing the built-in LeadGen Event Tracking feature.

F. Webhooks by Zapier

Link your forms to other software programs by utilizing hidden fields, as well as Webhooks POST, PUT, and DELETE methods.

G. Mailchimp

Effortlessly conduct automated email campaigns by forwarding form responses and lead metadata to your Mailchimp account.

H. ActiveCampaign

Link your forms to various platforms, including social media, email, messaging, chat, and text, for email marketing, automation, and customization.

I. Pipedrive

Reduce the time required to finalize deals by integrating with Pipedrive to store leads, track follow-ups, and secure new sales.

Contact LeadGen App

For general enquiries: hello@leadgenapp.io

For content enquiries: editor@leadgenapp.io

For sales inquiries: https://leadgenapp.io/get-in-touch-with-sales/

For demo bookings: https://leadgenapp.io/book-onboarding-call/

Mailing Address:

LeadGen App Ltd, International House, 12Constance Street,London E16 2DQ,United Kingdom

Final Thoughts

If you want a form builder that is both flexible and focused on boosting conversions to generate more leads, you should consider switching to LeadGen App.

Their primary objective is to aid businesses, as well as marketing and sales teams, in obtaining more customers and clients by creating engaging, adaptable, and user-friendly forms.

They are dedicated to providing their users with the resources they need to enhance their revenue by increasing webpage conversions by up to five times.

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