Lemlist Review: Transforming Strangers into Loyal Customers

Lemlist: Transforming Strangers into Loyal Customers

Lemlist stands out as the premier sales engagement platform, leading the way in customer generation. The sole cold outreach tool is designed to assist you in reaching inboxes and eliciting responses. 

Construct your lead list using verified emails, compose and personalize messages at scale, and dispatch cold emails that genuinely resonate with potential customers.

Established in 2018, Lemlist has transformed prospecting, emerging as a pioneer in personalized outreach, deliverability, multi-channel prospecting, and offering the unique ability to discover leads directly within the platform. 

With over 37,284 users experiencing automated prospecting, Lemlist consistently generates millions in monthly revenue for its users.


a. Personalization at Scale


Boost response rates through personalization by employing text variables. Capture leads’ attention and foster trust by incorporating custom intro lines, pitches, and calls to action. 

Utilize image variables to stand out with personalized images featuring leads’ names, logos, website screenshots, and more. 

Enhance engagement with prospects on a deeply personal level by leveraging video variables, increasing the likelihood of securing meetings. 

Utilize website variables to construct personalized landing pages exclusively for your leads, incorporating features such as embedded calendars, assets, or calls to action.

b. Multichannel Prospecting


Enhance your meeting bookings through multichannel strategies. Engage your leads on their preferred channels to elicit more responses.

1. Steps for Cold Emailing:

Utilize the most widely used channel to connect with your leads and make your outreach stand out.

2. Steps for LinkedIn:

Increase response rates by adopting a multichannel approach with LinkedIn invites, profile visits, and messages.

3. Steps for Cold Calling:

Leverage the Aircall integration to incorporate cold/warm call steps into your campaigns, boosting overall results.

4. Steps for Manual Tasks:

Integrate reminders for specific actions to capture leads’ attention. This may include commenting on their social media posts, mentioning them in your posts, and more.

5. Steps for API Integration:

Incorporate custom automated steps into your Lemlist campaigns. This could involve triggering physical mailing, sending LinkedIn vocals, and other personalized actions.

c. Cockpit Management


Efficiently oversee all your accounts from a centralized platform, eliminating unnecessary back-and-forth. 

Set up and manage your teams’ and clients’ accounts seamlessly through a unified dashboard. Secure your initial meetings this week to propel your business growth and initiate revenue generation with Lemlist.

d. Integrations

Link Lemlist to your preferred tools like Pipedrive, Hubspot, etc.

e. Follow-ups


Automate your follow-up process with a sequence of 6 to 12 touches, incorporating both more and less engaging steps. 

Employ diverse methods to remind your leads to respond, avoiding the perception of being overly pushy and fostering better relationships. 

Ensure each step is spaced over multiple days, providing your leads with the necessary time to respond and preventing any appearance of spamming or desperation for attention. 

Infuse value into every step of the journey by addressing your leads’ challenges and assisting them in achieving their goals without expecting immediate reciprocation. This approach will significantly enhance trust and credibility in your interactions.


lemlist pricing

The 14-day trial period provides unrestricted access to the majority of lemlist features, enabling a thorough exploration of the product without constraints. 

During this trial, users can create and launch comprehensive campaigns utilizing all available steps, including email, LinkedIn, call, API, and more. Access to detailed campaign reports, the task section, and the complete range of lemlist features is also included.

However, some limitations apply, such as the exclusion of certain integrations (Aircall), a cap on using more than 100 tokens, and a limit on reaching out to more than 50 leads. 

Additionally, each subscribed Lemlist account currently includes a complimentary lemwarm account, specifically on the lemwarm Essential plan (valued at $29/month).

It’s important to note that upgrading to the Lemwarm Smart plan allows users to retain a $29/month discount for each Lemwarm Smart plan subscription.



2. Capterra

Final Thoughts

Lemlist stands out as a versatile and advanced outreach solution, offering a robust set of features to streamline prospecting, enhance personalization, and optimize campaign performance. 

With its user-friendly platform and cutting-edge AI capabilities, Lemlist empowers users to elevate their outreach strategies, resulting in increased engagement and conversions.