Lempod Review: Attract 10x More Views on LinkedIn

Lempod: Attract 10x More Views on LinkedIn

Ever felt like you’re spinning your wheels trying to get interaction on your LinkedIn posts?

You feel as if you’re yelling into the vacuum, no matter how much time and effort you spend on creating the right content.

What if I told you there’s a hidden tool that can boost your LinkedIn game without the blood, sweat, and tears?

Search no more, since Lempod is the hidden powerhouse in your professional inventory. This creative tool allows users to easily increase the conversations surrounding their content.

Let us proceed on an exciting adventure through the expanse of Lempod, revealing how it may boost the LinkedIn presence to unbeatable heights.

What is Lempod?

Lempod is an AI-powered LinkedIn automation tool that boosts business growth, attracts more views, and engages users through genuine interactions.

With over 80,000 users and 5-star ratings, it is trusted by 500+ companies globally.

Lempod works by using the power of LinkedIn engagement pods. LinkedIn’s algorithm favors posts with a high rate of interaction. Joining these pods increases the likelihood that the content will appear in the feeds of other LinkedIn users, boosting its reach and effect.

Users may join engagement pods to gain support for their work through likes and comments, and then inside the extension window, the tool allows sharing posts with the selected pods and even provides AI-generated comments.

What are Engagement Pods?

LinkedIn engagement pods are groups of people (typically closed) who are ready to support one another through mutual interaction. So, once the user posts anything, the other group members (the other individuals in the pod) will like or comment on it. And the user will do the same for them. It’s a reciprocal relationship.

So, what is the need for a LinkedIn Engagement Pod?

Receiving likes, comments, and shares on LinkedIn is crucial for increasing the exposure of users’ posts.

As more people interact with posts, LinkedIn’s algorithm is more likely to display them to a larger audience. This means that more LinkedIn professionals will see their posts, which could lead to new relationships, job opportunities, or business growth.

In simple terms, the more the post’s interaction, the more likely it will be viewed and acknowledged by other users on the platform.

There are two types of LinkedIn engagement pods:

  • Manual
  • Automatic

If someone wants to join Manual LinkedIn Engagement pods, be prepared to receive results that will not allow them to 10x their LinkedIn post views. But it is usually free.

On the other side, there is a marketplace of LinkedIn Engagement Pods where anyone may pick the most suitable pod for their company, and other users will automatically like and comment on their posts.


1. For Companies

Access to Colleagues’ Network to Increase the LinkedIn Reach. A user can start by creating a post on LinkedIn and the colleagues will automatically engage with their LinkedIn posts.


  • Improve colleague engagement rates for greater reach.
  • Create specialized pods for certain topics or projects built for multi-user cooperation and high-quality leads, including targeted B2B leads.
  • Budget-friendly limped price at $3.99 per pod each month with projected pricing, with a customer service pod accessible for a trial period for their marketplace pod/marketplace tab, and an annual payment option.

Lempod is the perfect automation tool if used for recruiting, personal branding, and marketing as it helps in generating high-quality leads and targeted potential partners by providing specific benefits for each category and a variable price structure.

2. For Individuals

Users can join relevant LinkedIn pods to gain likes from influencers in their industry.  


  • Users can look for groups of people ready to support their content with likes and comments.
  • Users can check the best LinkedIn pods updated by the list of the best pods weekly, so they can always find the newest and relevant pods.
  • Users can create their own public LinkedIn pod by becoming an admin and inviting relevant people who will help each other with mutual engagement.
  • Affordable pricing at $9.99 per pod monthly.


Users can decide whether they want to use Lempod in their organization or, they may search and join public pods.

If you have the Individual plan ($9.99), you will pay for each public individual pod you join or create. If you are on the Company plan ($3.99), the admin (person who created this pod) will pay $3.99 for each participant of this pod. Lempod also offers a trial period of 3 days. 


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Final Thoughts

Lempod is a marketplace for LinkedIn Engagement Pods in which content creators automatically support one another through reciprocal interaction.

This tool enhances the LinkedIn marketing strategy by generating leads and driving traffic through relevant content. It cuts marketing costs by leveraging the LinkedIn network to reach a broader audience of potential customers. Lempod is an excellent tool, but it needs proper use.