Prospeo Review: Find & Verify Emails to Scale Your Outreach

Find & Verify Emails to Scale Your Outreach

Are you looking for a more intelligent way to prospect?

Get started with Prospeo where users can verify their email addresses and expand their businesses using email-finding tools.

Prospeo helps users to identify email addresses from any website or company. Users can use their email finder to locate email addresses by name or directly from any LinkedIn profile. It has a proprietary email verification technology that accurately detects confirmed email addresses. 

With Prospeo users can find, search, and verify their emails from any spreadsheet, and take charge of large-scale prospecting by using their simple bulk processing feature.


1. Email Finder

email finder of prospeo

Using email finder, users can find professional email addresses for people who are important to their business.

Prospeo’s Email Finder has a complex verification system that delivers over 98% accuracy in determining the status of an email address. This technique assures that email addresses marked ‘valid’ have a bounce rate of less than 2%.

With email finder, users can:

  • Discover more confirmed email addresses: Their advanced email-finding tool can search and validate even the most difficult email patterns. Prospeo ensures the largest amount of validated emails from the user prospect list.
  • Pay only for genuine email addresses: Never pay for catch-all or previously discovered emails with their email verification system. They guarantee email legitimacy and delivery, or it’s on them.
  • Email searches from anywhere: With their Chrome extension, users can look for email addresses from spreadsheets, LinkedIn profiles, websites, Sales Navigator, and Google searches. Users can find their leads’ email addresses, regardless of where they are.

So, how it can be used?

a. Bulk Email Search

Find email addresses by name by uploading a list of names and corporations to their bulk email finder and exporting the results in one click to a clean CSV or Excel.

b. Websites

With their  Chrome extension, users can search for email addresses on any website with a single click, allowing them to look up email addresses anywhere on the internet.

c. LinkedIn

Extract hundreds of prospects from Sales Navigator and instantly identify their email addresses. Export the data as a clean CSV file for the cold outreach campaign.

2. Email Verifier

prospeo's email verifier

The most accurate email verification tool in the market. 

Email Verification tool is a great option for verifying email addresses and ensuring their delivery. It helps businesses and professionals keep their email lists clean, which improves the success of email marketing efforts and lowers bounce rates.

Using the Prospeo’s Email Verifier ensures that user’s emails are sent to their intended recipients, which improves professional relationships and lead-generating efforts.

It offers the following features:

  • Highly accurate: Emails are guaranteed to be categorized with 98% accuracy. Their innovative AI detects genuine and confirmed emails that are concealed behind most catch-all servers.
  • Never, ever pay for duplicates: Users will never be charged more than once for the same email. If they are unable to execute a proper verification, there will be no fee.

How it can be used?

a. Bulk Email Verifier

It verifies emails in bulk. Users have to upload a file to execute email verifications on it, then export the results to CSV or Excel with the actual verification statuses.

b. Websites

With their chrome plugin, users can find and validate email addresses on any website with a single click, resulting in accurate and focused outreach.

c. Email Validation API

Prospeo provides a reliable API that is simple to integrate. Verify emails to see if they are authentic, disposable, spam trap emails, or nonsense.

d. Domain Search

Verify and validate email addresses found hidden under corporate names or domain names to ensure users only contact legitimate and validated leads.

3. Domain Search

prospeo's domain search

With just one click, users can find professional email addresses for any company name or website. Domain Search has a 98% accuracy rate, allowing users to locate legitimate email addresses linked with any company. 

Prospeo Domain Search tool allows users to do numerous searches at the same time by providing a list of corporate names or websites. The program will locate prospect email addresses for each item, allowing users to export the results in CSV or Excel format, complete with current email addresses, statuses, and email kinds (generic or professional).

Using this tool users can: 

  • Find professional email addresses: Users can get the email address of someone important in seconds. Use this addon to boost the prospecting efforts.
  • More emails per company: Their premier domain search engine finds more email addresses than those who compete for any website or organization name.
  • Low pricing and no duplication: Access 50 emails per domain for the same fee, and never pay again for the same lead.

How it can be used?

a. Bulk Finding

Upload a list of email addresses to check, then export the results.CSV or Excel files containing the most recent verification status.

b. Websites

With this plugin, users may access emails hidden behind any website with a single click. Begin reaching out to laser-focused prospects.

c. API

Prospeo’s API is reliable and easy to integrate. Locate the email addresses anyone requires and begin prospecting at scale.

4. LinkedIn Email Finder

Prospeo's linkedin email finder

The tool allows users to find email addresses from LinkedIn with just one click thereby saving their time. It offers the following features:

  • The data is clean and organized: The LinkedIn Email Finder filters out any unusual characters, emojis, or duplicate leads from the list that users have created.
  • Verified and accurate emails: The Email Finder for LinkedIn has a 98% accuracy rate. This guarantees that the email addresses supplied are current and secure to use.

How it can be used?

a. Bulk Extraction

To find confirmed email addresses and 45 data points in a.CSV or Excel users have to upload a set of LinkedIn profile URLs

b. API

To input LinkedIn profile URLs, users can use their dependable API and they will return a clean JSON with the confirmed email address and properly processed data within 10 seconds.

c. Chrome Extension

Users can install their LinkedIn Email Finder Chrome extension to locate emails on LinkedIn accounts in seconds.

5. Export Sales Navigator

export sales navigator

This tool exports leads from LinkedIn Sales Navigator with one click and gets verified email addresses.

Users can export their Sales Navigator lead search into a spreadsheet, including all data and confirmed emails.

But how to export leads from LinkedIn Sales Navigator?

For that:

1.  Set up an account on Prospeo

2.  Download the Chrome Extension

3.  Access the Sales Navigator lead listings

4.  Click the “Export” button

The tool also offers the following features:

  • Clean data with no duplicates: They remove any unusual characters and emoticons. Users may also opt never to extract the same lead twice, resulting in a clean and unique list of leads.
  • Scrape companies: Prospeo allows users to export businesses from Sales Navigator. Anyone can gather up to 45 data points on a company, including verified email addresses for every employee.
  • Get more legitimate emails: Their extension discovers 20% more confirmed emails than their competitors, and it only requires one credit for both the email search and the real-time profile/company export.


prospeo pricing

Their Pricing starts with a free trial for which a user can get 75 credits. Users can modify or cancel their plan at any moment from their dashboard. Even after they cancel, they will have access to their premium plan until the conclusion of their current membership month.

Depending on the choice of users they can opt for other plans also.


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prospeo review
prospeo review

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Final Thoughts

Prospeo is a time-saving tool for lead-generating operations.

Its user-friendliness distinguishes it from other solutions, offering exact results with simplicity while exporting leads from LinkedIn Sales Navigator to Excel.

We can say it is a game changer for thousands of users.