Smartsheet Review: Empowering Project & Process Management


Recognized as a leading brand in the enterprise category on both the Most Innovative Companies and Brands That Matter lists, Smartsheet has earned acclaim for its commitment to establishing a cohesive digital workplace and fostering a connection between individuals and their mission to empower anyone to drive meaningful change. 

Since its establishment in 2005, Smartsheet has been instrumental in transforming individuals and teams into high achievers. 

This transformation is facilitated through their innovative work management solutions, the mobilization of a passionate and diverse global team, and their dedication to positively impacting the communities where they operate.

Smartsheet has established a presence in various sectors, including nonprofit organizations, small businesses, and more than 80% of Fortune 500 companies worldwide.

Their revolutionary platform is reshaping the landscape of work management, providing individuals with the tools to accomplish extraordinary feats.



  • Efficiently save time and eradicate repetitive manual tasks by employing no-code automated workflows.
  • Utilize our array of pre-constructed workflow templates to establish weekly status requests, due date reminders, and other processes, or tailor your custom workflow.
  • Develop one-time or recurring workflows that incorporate multiple actions and conditional paths.
  • Monitor and respond to update and approval requests seamlessly through the desktop or mobile app, email, or messaging platforms such as Microsoft Teams and Slack.
  • Automate with assurance, equipped with insights into workflow status and the last run date.

Team Collaboration

  • Ensure your collaborators have access to the most recent version of your work.
  • Share seamlessly with collaborators both within and outside your organization, regardless of whether they possess a Smartsheet account.
  • Exercise control over the actions each shared user can undertake with your Smartsheet item by configuring their permissions as Owner, Admin, Editor, Commenter, or Viewer.
  • Enable access to published Smartsheet items, allowing collaborators or end-users to view the content without the need to log into Smartsheet.

Dashboards & Reporting

  • Aggregate, structure, and display valuable information on a customizable canvas.
  • Utilize widgets to exhibit sheets, reports, charts, forms, and content from various sources such as Google Docs, Tableau, Power BI, YouTube, and more.
  • Keep stakeholders up-to-date by offering real-time insights into project statuses and performance.
  • Curate and disseminate vital resources for an internal or external audience.
  • Share crucial information with diverse audiences, eliminating the need to grant access to underlying sheets or assets.
  • Inject your unique style into a dashboard or tailor the appearance to harmonize with your company’s brand.


  • Collaborate on content effortlessly, facilitating seamless teamwork, feedback sharing, and real-time progress tracking.
  • Supervise the entire review process directly from your project sheet.
  • Establish automated alerts and reminders to ensure collaborators stay on track with their tasks.
  • Enable colleagues, vendors, and clients to review content without requiring access to the sheet.
  • Provide or receive detailed feedback, attaching it directly to content and associating it with annotations, such as emojis or shapes.
  • Streamline the versioning process by automatically locking old versions when the latest content is uploaded.
  • Effortlessly upload and review various file types within the collaboration platform.

Account Administration

  • Effortlessly set up and oversee your Smartsheet account from a centralized hub.
  • Efficiently switch between User and Group Management, Usage Reports, and Enterprise Configuration Options.
  • Monitor the licensing status, group affiliations, and integration accessibility of each user.
  • Receive guidance on optimizing your account configuration through recommended next steps based on Smartsheet best practices.


Integrate seamlessly with your technology stack and gain access to a genuine, real-time perspective of information throughout your business using cutting-edge integrations. 

Smartsheet is specifically crafted to effortlessly link with your tech stack, enhancing the return on investment for your business’s current assets.


Explore the pricing options to discover the plan that enables you to oversee your projects, programs, and processes seamlessly within a unified platform.

Is it possible to modify my plan?

Certainly, you can always choose to upgrade your plan to gain access to enhanced features for project, program, or portfolio management. 

Additionally, you have the flexibility to add or remove users, acquire more licenses, or cancel your subscription at any time. Please note that these actions are subject to the terms outlined in the Smartsheet User Agreement.


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Final Thoughts

Smartsheet stands as a powerhouse in the realm of scalable project, program, and process management. 

With an array of features designed to streamline collaboration, automate workflows, and enhance overall efficiency, Smartsheet empowers teams to excel in their project management endeavors. 

Whether overseeing projects, programs, or intricate processes, Smartsheet offers a comprehensive solution that caters to the diverse needs of individuals and organizations alike. 

Elevate your management capabilities with Smartsheet and unlock the potential for seamless and scalable success in your projects and beyond.