TimeCamp Review: Maximize Productivity & Team Collaboration

TimeCamp Review: Maximize Productivity & Team Collaboration

TimeCamp places a paramount value on time, considering it the most precious resource. Wasting time is regarded as a missed opportunity. 

Rather than indulging in grandiose rhetoric, TimeCamp takes action to fulfill its mission, and it does so collectively.

TimeCamp had its inception in 2008, stemming from a classroom assignment by their CEO, who was developing a note-taking application. In that same year, the initial version of the app was launched, a source of immense pride for the company as it serves as a reminder of the extensive journey that has been undertaken.

Presently, the TimeCamp team takes pride in a revamped, intelligent, and user-friendly application, a culmination of the insights and knowledge acquired over the years. 

TimeCamp firmly believes that whether your team is large or small, or even if you are a freelancer, a comprehensive solution can be tailored to meet your requirements. 

The bedrock of this belief is the unwavering understanding that it is the customers who provide the strength and inspiration for TimeCamp’s continued progress.


a. Time Tracking

A Time Tracking Solution Your Team Will Embrace. Effortlessly monitor time allocation for projects and swiftly generate reports and timesheets.

1. Automated Time Tracking Application

Enhanced Focus with Automatic Time Tracking. TimeCamp performs automated scans of app domain names, categorizing them into predefined groups, allowing users to concentrate on their tasks.

2. Productivity Monitoring

Deeper Insights through Productivity Tracking. For tracking specific app usage by your team, consider this feature, which facilitates team synchronization without excessive micromanagement.

3. Time Tracking Reports

User-Friendly and Informative Reporting. From gauging project profitability to budget oversight, TimeCamp handles it all in one application, providing various valuable features.

4. Custom Billing Rates

Efficient Management of Billables. TimeCamp’s billing functionality enables users to designate tracked time as billable or non-billable, greatly expediting invoicing and resource management.

5. Timesheet Approvals

Streamlined Approvals with a Click. Bid farewell to manual timesheet reviews at month-end; this tool streamlines the process, enhancing efficiency.

6. Attendance Tracking

Elimination of Traditional Time Clocks. TimeCamp extends its utility to attendance recording, eliminating the need for traditional punch-in and out cards, and offering a simplified alternative.

7. Effortless Invoicing

Seamless Invoicing Procedures. Convert precise data into accurate client invoices, minimizing disputes over amounts. TimeCamp provides solid evidence of work accomplished.

b. Productivity tracking

a. Monitoring Productivity

Enhance team performance by effectively monitoring employee productivity using a user-friendly time and productivity tracking tool.

b. Website and App Supervision

The desktop application simplifies the process of overseeing your team’s commitment to productive tasks, allowing you to keep tabs on all open windows, browser tabs, and applications.

c. Tracking Idle and Private Time

Leverage the idle time feature to precisely measure billable work hours, while the private time option enables the exclusion of personal activities from productivity statistics.

d. Attendance Oversight

Effortlessly monitor your team’s attendance, with TimeCamp automatically recording the start and end of working hours, as well as break times throughout the workday.

e. Productivity Reporting

Optimize your team’s performance and enhance efficiency through the use of comprehensive productivity reports that offer valuable insights.

c. Attendance

a. Attendance Management

TimeCamp offers a centralized solution for monitoring working hours, vacation time, and sick leave, simplifying attendance management for teams.

b. Clock-in and Clock-out Records

Track employee attendance by utilizing TimeCamp’s desktop or mobile app, or employ the Kiosk feature on a shared device to monitor their start and end times.

c. Categorize Days

Efficiently manage attendance by categorizing days as working, remote work, vacation, sick leave, and more. Additional context can be provided through the inclusion of notes.

d. Seamless Payroll Integration

Simplify and expedite payroll management for your team. TimeCamp seamlessly integrates with your chosen payroll tool, automating the import of all necessary data.

e. Comprehensive Attendance Reports

TimeCamp’s attendance reports offer in-depth insights into employee performance, facilitating workload management and productivity enhancements.

d. Geofencing

1. Geofencing Time Tracking

Utilize an intuitive geofencing time tracking tool to obtain accurate working hours data. TimeCamp allows teams to monitor their performance effectively and bill clients with absolute precision.

2. Track time across multiple locations simultaneously

If your team operates from various locations, TimeCamp’s geofencing feature simplifies tracking their time seamlessly. By defining multiple job sites, you can automatically monitor their entries and exits.

3. Precisely record time spent on each client

Link projects or tasks with specific locations, ensuring time-tracking accuracy. As your team enters the job site, TimeCamp automatically tracks time for the associated task, enabling precise monitoring of work hours.

4. Effortless time tracking for employees

TimeCamp eliminates the need for employees to remember time tracking. By downloading our mobile app, the timer starts automatically when they arrive at the designated location, simplifying the process.

5. Enhance workflow based on real data

Analyze your team’s performance through a range of comprehensive reports, enriched with valuable information such as projects, individuals, and tracked time. Custom report creation is also an option, and you can easily share or download reports in popular formats.


Opt for the free forever plan or opt for a paid subscription to access additional features. 

Users have the flexibility to modify their plans, adjust the number of seats, upgrade, or cancel their subscription at any point, either immediately or within the current billing cycle, without incurring any penalties. 

Any extra charges will be automatically adjusted on a prorated basis. It’s important to note that, in adherence to our policy, we do not provide refunds.


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Final Thoughts

TimeCamp offers a comprehensive solution to help you maximize your productivity. With its time tracking, analysis, and team collaboration features, TimeCamp empowers individuals and organizations to make the most of their time. 

Whether you’re seeking to improve time management, enhance project efficiency, or boost team collaboration, TimeCamp provides the tools and insights needed to achieve your goals. It’s the key to unlocking your full potential and ensuring that every moment counts in your pursuit of productivity and success.