Time Champ Review: Employee Monitoring & Time Tracking

Time Champ Review: Employee Monitoring & Time Tracking

Say goodbye to dependence on hunches or assumptions in favor of a data-driven method for best results. Time Champ provides significant data to productivity-focused teams to improve their decision-making in terms of people and procedures.

TimeChamp is a time-tracking Software that helps companies be more productive with remote employees.

By improving team interactions, measuring productivity, optimizing attention, identifying trends and patterns, and combating tiredness, TimeChamp helps companies achieve higher efficiency and better work outcomes.

Remote collaboration is seamless for both hybrid and remote teams. Using TimeChamp, companies may improve productivity by analyzing location effects, increasing staff visibility, and tracking remote attendance.

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TimeChamp Offers real-time visibility into work hours, streamlines shift scheduling, and optimizes using historical data. Export attendance records with ease for payroll processing.

It also helps companies track employee actions such as keystrokes, mouse movements, snapshots, screen recordings, audio tracking, and location tracking.


1. Employee Productivity

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Ensure that the staff are engaged, motivated, and equipped with appropriate tools. Embark on the proper route when it comes to staff/employee productivity software. It’s like a secret that drives a company’s success.


a. Boost Employee Productivity

Time Champ’s strong features allow companies to track, analyze, and enhance their employees’ productivity.

  • 1. Application & Website Usage

Discover the most popular applications and websites among employees, teams, and the entire organization.

  • 2. Productivity Labelling

On a team or individual basis, label the team’s applications and websites as productive, unproductive, or neutral.

  • 3. Productivity Tracking

The company will calculate productivity metrics based on the labels you supply and the time spent on those applications.

  • 4. Activity Tracking

Keep track of all computer activity carried out by the employees during work hours. The company will calculate the active and idle times for the employee.

b. Increase Company Efficiency Using Productivity-Enhancing Attributes

Discover a powerful tool for monitoring staff. Discover insights regarding productivity, daily chores, and timesheets.

  • 1. Productive Activity

Check the amount of time the employees were productive using clear visual images.

  • 2. Productivity Breakdown

Know the working, non-working, and neutral times, as well as the minute specifics of each activity.

  • 3. Categories Activity

Obtain a comprehensive list of the apps and software categories that the employees have accessed.

  • 4. Category Breakdown

A detailed list of categories, along with the amount of time spent in each of them.

  • 5. Productivity Heatmap

Graphic representation of productive and unproductive time.

c. Get the Most Out of Time Champ

Use these features to control data access, organize teams, and get the most out of Time Champ.

  • 1. Manager Login

Allow managers to view only their teams’ data, evaluate performance, and change productivity labels.

  • 2. Employee Login

Give the employees the freedom to view their data, creating openness and responsibility.

  • 3. API

The Time Champ Rest API allows companies to seamlessly link any program used by the team, whether internal or external.

  • 4. Raw Data

Get detailed, real-time data on the staff’s computer activity, down to the second.

  • 5. Alerts

Receive warnings depending on productivity or undesired actions. Real-time notifications keep them informed about productivity levels and allow them to track any undesirable actions.

  • 6. Employers

Automated reports from a top staff monitoring system resolve quantification and analysis concerns, lowering expenditures by 40 percent.

Use Cases

  • 1. Remote Teams

Even if the staff is dispersed across the globe, Time Champ can assist you in organizing the workload, prioritizing tasks, and maintaining high productivity.

  • 2. Office Teams

With Time Champ, companies don’t have to approach someone to find out what they’re working on or if their priorities are in order. Sign into the dashboard to gain access to everything they need.

  • 3. Hybrid Teams

Time Champ is intended for hybrid workforces that wish to boost productivity among office-based teams and remote employees.

2. Monitoring

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Monitor the employee’s live screen and easily capture screenshots and screen recordings as needed. Gain visibility into the activities of the entire team or organization and make educated decisions.


a. Make The Most of Employees’ Time

With all-seeing employee monitoring and behavior analytics software, companies can know exactly what their staff is up to at all times.

  • 1. Application & Website Usage

Discover which applications and websites the employees use, whether individually, as a team, or at the business level.

  • 2. Screenshots

Capture screenshots of odd or suspicious employee activity.

  • 3. Activity Tracking

Monitor the staff’s activity logs, covering both active and idle time. They can also check and approve manual logs.

  • 4. Silent Mode

Protect the team’s data by detecting and stopping harmful behavior, as well as recognizing questionable activities.

b. Increase Company Efficiency Using Productivity-Enhancing Attributes

Discover a powerful tool for monitoring staff. Discover insights regarding productivity, daily chores, and timesheets.

  • 1. Manual Screenshots
  • 2. Productivity Tracking
  • 3. Real-time Monitoring
  • 4. Time & Attendance
  • 5. Productivity Labelling
  • 6. Manual Time Entries
  • 7. Timekeeping
  • 8. Reports

Use Cases

  • 1. Increase Productivity and Concentration

Utilise Time Champ statistics to empower the team. Using their cutting-edge tools, businesses may overcome obstacles, track progress, and resolve concerns. Increase focus and determination to improve production.

  • 2. Effectively Lead The Remote Team

Easily manage the remote workforce with Time Champ. Keep up with daily reports, active hours, activities, and screenshots. Custom hourly rates make payroll easier to manage. Take control and benefit from seamless remote worker management.

  • 3. Improve Attendance Precision

Employee attendance may be effectively tracked using laptop activity data. Create accurate timesheets that reflect actual labor, assuring compliance and preventing losses from buddy punching and time stealing.

3. Project Management

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Project management allows companies to simply assign tasks or projects to personnel. This tool allows them to manage goals, create project dashboards, monitor bugs, manage sprints, view calendars, and allocate resources.


a. Complete projects on time

Create a project, get started, set some targets, and thoroughly examine it with Time Champ software to guarantee it’s finished on time.

  • 1. Goal Management

Set a specific objective for the project and work towards it to complete the assignment before the deadline.

  • 2. Sprint Management

One may enter the project title and expected time, plan the project’s timeline, and work appropriately. One can see how many days are remaining to accomplish the specified project.

  • 3. Resource Allocation

Time Champ makes things simpler and more exact! Managers may immediately and accurately assign resources to staff.

  • 4. Bug Tracking

The program also allows to monitor bug reports, open work items, validate them, and provide comments if you uncover any issues.

b. Get Advanced with Time Champ

Has anyone ever wanted to see the success of their company? Get Time Champ software with comprehensive capabilities to quickly manage the business.

  • 1. Links Tasks

One can link any two or more task items and work appropriately. Users may view the status and history of the work item.

  • 2. Calendar Views

Users may examine the reports in calendar style, which provides a clear picture and precise information on the tasks.

  • 3. Board Management

The task may be completed in three ways: Kanban, Super Agile, and Bug Boards, which work at the heart of its functioning.

  • 4. Project-Based Time Reporting

Managers or employers can track workers’ work hours depending on the projects they worked on and the time they spent on each one.

Use Cases

  • 1. Product Development

Companies developing a new product can cheerfully use Time Champ to make their job more superficial and achieve their objectives faster. To alleviate the strain on others, assign product tasks equally among personnel.

  • 2. Research Projects

Time Champ makes it easier to manage research activities, which include analysis, data collection, and reporting to guarantee that all staff stay on track.

  • 3. Marketing Campaigns

Creating, organizing, and executing market campaigns, allocating duties, tracking progress, and altering tactics can all assist the organization reach its marketing objectives while running smoothly.

4. Automated Attendance

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Track employees’ work hours automatically and receive attendance in the form of timesheets to complete payroll. It is also possible to work offline and keep track of work hours in the field.


a. Every single minute, across all industries

The ultimate solution for project and task time monitoring, efficiency, and effectiveness across industries.

  • 1. Automatic Timesheet

Obtain exact staff insights simply. Use the best time-tracking software to automate tracking when employees log in; no human labor is required.

  • 2. Employee Productivity

Discover real productivity statistics, measure total work hours, identify patterns, eliminate distractions, improve focus, and increase productivity.

  • 3. Automated Reports

Increase growth potential with data-driven assurance. Optimize productivity with exact time monitoring and avoid errors with accurate reporting.

  • 4. Intelligent Alert

Ensure productivity and security by monitoring and getting real-time notifications on staff activity at work.

b. Project Time Management

Time Champ’s time tracker enables businesses to keep track of time, activities, productivity levels, budgets, and anything else required to help the staff perform more efficiently.

  • 1. User Authentication

User authentication provides security for data. Keep all the data secure, and only provide access to authorized people. Stay safe.

  • 2. Employee Active Hours

Increase transparency, disclose detailed employee information, and track real-time working hours to establish minimal active hours.

  • 3. Non-productive Hours

Accurate non-productive hours data is useful in detecting performance difficulties. Monitor inefficient workers’ office hours spent on unnecessary chores.

  • 4. Role-Based Access

Provide the organization with granular control. Create bespoke roles and provide just the essential features to ensure maximum security and efficient procedures. Stay in control with ease.

Use Cases

  • 1. Improve Project Delivery

Use Time Champ statistics to empower the team. Using their cutting-edge tools, anyone may overcome hurdles, track progress, and resolve concerns. Increase attention and determination to improve production.

  • 2. Improve Project Profitability

Time Champ provides management comprehensive control over the assignments by tracking not just each work, but also billable hours against the team’s hourly rate. One can keep the projects within budget while still turning a profit.

  • 3. Improved Client Management

Time monitoring enables to delivery of the most accurate project estimates to customers. Client Login, on the other hand, fosters open interactions by allowing them to follow project progress without interfering with the team’s work.

5. Task Tracking

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Track employees’ labor hours for each activity, including how much time they spent on it and how many tasks they completed in a day. One can quickly schedule tasks and receive timely notifications.


a. Tracks work time automatically

Time Champ’s task management allows to measure the employees’ time and how much time they spend on each assignment. When users click on their daily mission, the program automatically monitors their time.

  • 1. Start Task

The employees click on their job items and lock in their time for a specific day, the program begins tracking.

  • 2. Stop Task

Employee completes work and wishes to move on to another job, he or she can turn off the tracker for that assignment.

  • 3. Recurring Tasks

A job that must be completed on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis cannot be established on each of these dates. Create the task once and utilize it as needed with the recurring task capability.

  • 4. Integrate With Other Tools

They can combine Time Champ with other software to acquire extra features and collect jobs.

b. Increase Awareness of Task Reports

Employers can use Time Champ to monitor staff productivity by analyzing individual task reports.

  • 1. Manually Log Time

Time Champ also provides manual time tracking directly from the tracker by clicking on the allocated tasks of the day.

  • 2. Logging & Compliance Reporting

Employers can check their employees’ reports, including where they spent their time and how much they paid for each activity.

  • 3. Write Comments on Tasks

Employees in the testing team can immediately remark on tasks if they notice problems in the work of others.

  • 4. View Screen Records by Task

View screen recordings of an employee’s activities by selecting a specific task that saves time.

Use Cases

  • 1. Client Billing Made Easier

With Time Champ, companies can easily calculate the number of billable hours and ensure correct invoicing and reporting.

  • 2. Project Managers

They can simply track the status of many project activities and guarantee that they are completed on schedule. It enables them to assign assignments properly and complete projects on time.

  • 3. Remote Workers

Employees may now record their tasks and work hours and receive accurate compensation as remote work becomes more common.

6. Location Activity

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Go ahead and install location tracking to see if the employees are working from the given area or not. Anyone can get real-time location updates whenever they enter a certain location.


a. Ensure more productivity and efficiency with Time Champ

Their cutting-edge employee location monitoring software improves staff efficiency and safety, allowing for precise productivity and peace of mind.

  • 1. Real-time Location Updates

Track the team’s real-time whereabouts while on the go. Always be updated about the staff’s whereabouts.

  • 2. Historical Location Insights

Analyse movement trends using previous location data to improve operations.

  • 3. Personalized Alerts

Customise notifications for tardiness, odd routes, or sensitive regions. Companies personal alarm system.

  • 4. Device Flexibility

Whether the staff chooses smartphones or specialized GPS devices, tracking software accommodates a wide range of hardware choices.

b. Enable the business with real-time analytics and security

Their employee location monitoring software improves team performance and security, resulting in streamlined operations and increased peace of mind.

  • 1. Geofencing

Create virtual borders and start and stop tracking as they enter and exit them.

  • 2. Compliance Assurance

This software is especially important for sectors with laws since it helps maintain compliance by preserving accurate records.

  • 3. Location-Based Attendance

Track and record the employees’ attendance as they enter the geofencing virtual boundaries.

  • 4. Easy-to-understand Reports

Create reports to gain important insights into employee actions and make informed decisions about workflow enhancement.

Use Cases

  • 1. Healthcare Industry

Hospitals and care facilities use tracking software to keep track of medical workers, resulting in faster reaction times during crises and better patient care coordination.

  • 2. Remote Work Harmony

As remote work becomes increasingly common, tracking software promotes accountability by monitoring employees’ activity levels, ensuring productivity is not impacted outside of the office.

  • 3. Hospitality Industry

Hotels and event venues utilize the program to manage personnel allocation, ensuring that operations run smoothly during peak times while maintaining a high level of guest care.

7. Audio Tracking

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Configure the software to meet the company’s requirements for audio tracking. Get scheduled audio tracking, input, and output recording with better security.


a. Listen in, tune-up & boost your productivity

Take staff monitoring to the next level with Time Champ’s powerful audio tracking capability.

  • 1. Screen Recording

Record the employee’s screen under one’s requirements. This will increase security and ensure employee productivity.

  • 2. Input and Output Recording

Users will be able to record the full conversation on both ends of a call. Recording these interactions will help understand specific concerns.

  • 3. Scheduling

One can track sounds according to their needs. Users can enable screen recording and audio tracking on a daily or hourly basis.

  • 4. Enhanced Security

The audio tracking feature is securely encrypted, giving data the maximum protection. All interactions are kept strictly secret.

b. Tailored tool for your business needs

The tool is adapted to users’ specifications and needs. One will be able to choose which audio to track and which not to.

  • 1. Customized Recordings

Companies can specify whether the entire chat or only the employees’ responses should be recorded. It is suited to users needs.

  • 2. Cloud Storage

All audio recordings are conveniently kept in the cloud. one won’t have to worry about losing the tracks or running out of hard drive space.

  • 3. Time Tracking

Companies can now track how much time the staff members spend working with Time Champ. The employee’s activities during working hours are precisely recorded.

  • 4. Record Retention and Deletion

Companies can establish a clear policy for how long audio recordings will be maintained, verify compliance with data retention rules, and then use secure deletion mechanisms to erase recordings that are no longer required.

Use Cases

  • 1. Customer Support & Call Centres

Monitoring calls can help ensure that reps deliver accurate and high-quality service. It can also be used for training, helping management identify best practices and areas for improvement.

  • 2. Financial Transactions

In businesses where spoken transactions or agreements are performed over the phone (such as stock trading), audio monitoring can serve as a record of the transaction, protecting both the corporation and the client from future challenges.

  • 3. Training & Development

Recorded calls can be an excellent training resource for jobs that need a lot of phone work. New employees can listen to these calls to learn how to deal with diverse scenarios, while trainers might utilize them to highlight best practices or common mistakes.


a. Team Productivity

Using their TimeChamp work monitoring technology, companies can improve team interactions, track productivity, optimize focus, identify trends and patterns, and combat burnout.

b. Hybrid and Remote

Remote collaboration is seamless for both hybrid and remote teams. Using TimeChamp, companies may improve productivity by analyzing location impact, increasing staff visibility, and tracking remote attendance.

c. Automatic Attendance

Streamline automatic attendance and time monitoring for the staff. Gain real-time visibility into work hours, streamline shift scheduling, and optimize using historical data. Export attendance records with ease for payroll processing.

d. Projects and Timesheets

Manage project and task processes, track timesheets, streamline invoice billing, and track tasks to make smart resource management decisions that increase productivity.

e. Usage Analysis

Use application usage analytics to help the team optimize its tech stack and gain visibility into its tools. Reduce costs by discovering and assigning unused licenses. Pay only for what you need.

f. Employee Monitoring

Monitor Tab allows companies to track employee actions such as keystrokes, mouse movements, snapshots, screen recordings, audio tracking, and location tracking.

g. Simplified HR Solutions

Easily digitize HR procedures, maintain a centralized personnel database, manage organizational hierarchies, leave management, and org charts.


time champ pricing

Time Champ has three pricing plans, ranging from ₹200 – ₹550 per month. A free trial of Time Champ is also available. + Add-ons are also available only with Professional and above on a yearly deal. 

In addition, there will be installation and training fees of 350 for each user license that is purchased for a minimum of 6000.


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Final Thoughts

With enterprise-grade security and great customer service, Time Champ uses the work data to give actionable insights that boost team productivity. It’s no wonder that Time Champ constantly ranks as the top choice.

Time Champ foresees a world in which every organization thrives with unusual productivity, thanks to cutting-edge, ethical staff monitoring and tracking technologies. They aim to empower organizations by creating a culture of transparency, efficiency, and growth that goes beyond the constraints of traditional personnel management.

Time Champ’s objective is to boost workforce efficiency through creative, user-friendly, and secure employee monitoring and time-tracking software. They aspire to improve the performance of organizations throughout the world by providing data-driven insights and practical recommendations, while also creating a culture of trust and cooperation. 

They are committed to ethical standards and promote privacy and respect, resulting in a balanced and pleasant work atmosphere that encourages employees to fulfill their full potential.