Trello Review: All-in-One Solution for Team Collaboration

Trello: Your All-in-One Solution for Team Collaboration

In the fast-paced world of collaborative work, staying organized and efficiently managing tasks can be a daunting challenge. That’s where Trello steps in, revolutionizing the way teams coordinate, communicate, and conquer their goals.

As a powerful online platform, Trello simplifies the process of getting things done, providing a seamless and intuitive experience that enhances productivity and fosters effective teamwork.

With its innovative features and user-friendly interface, Trello empowers individuals and teams to streamline their workflows, stay on top of deadlines, and achieve remarkable results.

Say goodbye to the complexity and hello to a whole new level of productivity with Trello – the ultimate tool for transforming teamwork into success.

Discover the essence of Trello: Unlocking the potential within the boards


Trello, an online application developed by Trello Enterprise (a subsidiary of Atlassian), follows a Kanban-style approach to facilitate list-making.

Initially established by Fog Creek Software in 2011, Trello became an independent company based in New York City in 2014. Eventually, in January 2017, Atlassian acquired Trello, incorporating it into its offerings.

Trello is an extraordinary work management solution designed to adapt to the distinctive methods of your team.

It serves as a versatile platform where teams can generate innovative ideas, cooperate on projects, streamline workflows, and monitor advancement through a visually appealing, efficient, and gratifying approach.

From the initial spark of creativity to meticulous planning and successful implementation, Trello effectively oversees major achievements and the everyday responsibilities of collaborative work, ensuring tasks are accomplished seamlessly.

A brief history of Trello

Initiated by Fog Creek Software in the summer of 2010, Creek Weeks involved internal product research. In January 2011, a prototype named Trellis was introduced, aiming to address high-level planning challenges. Shortly after, full-time development commenced.

Following a closed beta phase, Trello was officially launched at TechCrunch Disrupt in September 2011, featuring web and iPhone applications. The name ‘’ Trello’’ was chosen after considering alternatives like Cardvark and Planatee.

Taco, Joel Spolsky’s dog and the co-founder of Fog Creek was named the official Trello spokes-husky in the summer of 2012. By this time, Trello had amassed 500,000 members and introduced its Android app.

Ongoing efforts focused on resolving bugs, enhancing performance, and making improvements.

In July 2014, Trello separated from Fog Creek and established itself as Trello, Inc., with Michael Pryor, co-founder of Fog Creek, assuming the role of CEO.

The company secured $10.3 million in Series A funding through a round led by Spark Capital and Index Ventures. Trello’s user base had exceeded 4.75 million.

In May 2015, Trello expanded its reach internationally by providing localized experiences for Brazil, Germany, and Spain. Early in 2017, Atlassian acquired Trello, commencing a new era in the mission to empower teams worldwide.

Features of Trello

A. Views

Trello views

Gain comprehensive insights into your projects through a diverse range of views offered by Trello.

Explore your tasks from various angles using Board, Timeline, Table, Calendar, Dashboard, Map, and Workspace views, each providing a unique vantage point to enhance your understanding of the task at hand.

While Boards are accessible to all users, accessing additional views such as Timeline, Table, Calendar, Dashboard, Map, and Workspace may require a Premium or Enterprise account, unlocking even more powerful features and functionalities.

B. Automation

Trello automation

Every Trello board has robust automation capabilities that require no coding skills. Butler, the automation feature, empowers you to prioritize the essential tasks while allowing the automated processes to handle the rest.

With Butler, you can devote your attention to the work that truly matters, leaving the repetitive and mundane tasks to efficient robotic automation.

C. Power-Ups

Trello power ups

By integrating their preferred tools with Trello plugins, you can empower your teams. Get your Trello superpowers called as Trello Power-Ups now with connections like Jira, Slack, Google Drive, and InVision, plus calendars, voting, repeating cards, and much more!

D. Templates

Trello templates

Say goodbye to the hassle of starting projects from scratch. Empower your team with a collection of proven templates sourced from the vibrant Trello community.

These Trello Templates serve as a blueprint for success, providing a solid foundation for your projects. Simply copy and customize them to align with your specific requirements, and you’ll swiftly embark on a collaborative journey.

  • With Trello templates, you can eliminate the time-consuming setup process and quickly dive into productive teamwork.
  • Unify your workflows by connecting Trello to a wide range of applications. Whether you want to integrate with your team’s existing tools or explore new avenues for productivity within Trello, the possibilities are endless.
  • Discover the apps your team is already using or uncover fresh solutions to enhance your work processes.
  • With Trello’s versatile integration capabilities, you can effortlessly bring together the tools and platforms that drive your productivity, enabling a cohesive and efficient work environment.

Trello Pricing

Trello has four tiers, the free tier being the lowest. Each plan has a user-based cost.

Trello pricing


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3. GetApp

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Trello stands as an exceptional teamwork tool that effortlessly facilitates the completion of tasks. With its user-friendly interface, powerful features, and customizable templates, Trello empowers teams to collaborate seamlessly and efficiently.

Whether it’s organizing projects, tracking progress, or automating workflows, Trello provides a versatile platform that streamlines the process of getting things done.

By embracing Trello, teams can overcome the challenges of project management and focus on what truly matters: achieving their goals and delivering outstanding results.

Experience the transformative power of Trello and unlock a new level of productivity and collaboration within your team.