Truebase Review: Automate Prospecting & Demo Requests With AI

Truebase Review: Automate Prospecting & Demo Requests With AI

Truebase is a platform that uses artificial intelligence to streamline the prospecting and demo request process. 

Consider Truebase to be the same as adding an AI Sales Rep (AiSR) to a sales team. This AI handles all prospecting duties seamlessly, from prospect identification and qualification to engagement.

Truebase removes the demand for many internal or external sales personnel to carry out repetitive and arduous prospecting duties.

The AiSR will discover, qualify, and interact with prospects, and notify users when they are interested in a demo. It’s like having a dedicated, around-the-clock staff of AiSRs working for them, just needing their input occasionally.

Truebase AiSR frees up your calendar from repetitive prospecting duties, allowing you to spend more time closing business where it counts.

The platform replaces a variety of prospecting and outreach methods, saving customers time and money on complicated workflows and expensive software.

Configure the platform with your demo capacity, and it will automatically modify outreach to provide a steady and predictable stream.

Why Truebase?


Wissam, the founder and CEO of Truebase, located in Seattle, Washington earlier efforts were always focused on client acquisition. He noted that most prospecting systems needed to be more current and user-friendly.

They needed a great deal of manual labor, which was tiresome and time-consuming. As an expert in technology, Wissam designed his systems to make things easier. But he was confident he could do much better.

So, after acquiring Azuqua, he was interested in using the potential of AI technology to build something unique and spectacular.

That is how Truebase was born!

Wissam wished to make prospecting simple and efficient for himself and others globally. And now, with Truebase, he’s doing just that.

How It Works?

a. AI Onboarding

In only a few minutes, Trubase’s AI recommends the most suitable consumer profiles, how to qualify them, and the most effective engagement techniques.

b. Review and Tune

Check the AI’s lead recommendations and change them based on the client’s understanding of who their buyers are, similar to swiftly training a smart SDR.

c. Set and Forget

Select the preferred number of weekly lead outreaches, and the platform will handle the rest.

d. Notification of Interest

When a lead is ready to learn more about a user’s product or service, Truebase will notify them so they can take the next steps.


a. Improve Search Efficiency

  • Redefining Search

With their technology, users may search beyond keywords. Their clever technology understands their words, making prospecting easier and more effective.

  • Full-spectrum Search

Restrictive searches are obsolete. Our system gathers information from many different sources such as websites, job descriptions, news stories, and more, in addition to LinkedIn profiles

  • Smart Search Assistant

Truebase’s clever AI filters are intended to speed up user’s prospecting trips. Their technology streamlines the search process, allowing companies to identify relevant prospects faster and increase their productivity.

  • Internet-wide Information Coverage

The platform provides information on 529 million professionals and 64 million organizations. This comprehensive, up-to-date data collection contains various details, simplifying your exploration and engagement duties.

  • Time-saving Search Tool

With Truebase, the prospecting process becomes a smooth trip. They combine account and lead searches, returning just the most relevant results and optimizing the search process.

b. Optimized Qualifications and Insights

  • Quick Answers, Quick Qualifications

Prospect qualifying is made easier and faster thanks to the clever AI. Their  AI can perform any investigation that a human can conduct on a prospect’s website. In real-time, they deliver clear answers to qualifying questions – yes, no, or I don’t know – to help customers determine where to spend their time wisely.

  • Instant and Meaningful Insights

Truebase transforms the research experience. Its clever AI quickly deciphers information from several sources, saving you valuable time. Understand the potential customers more quickly, and start relevant discussions early.

  • Find Buyers Faster

Identifying potential clients might be time-consuming when attempting to offer products to other companies. Individuals in a corporation may have varying job titles or work in different divisions. Truebase uses generative AI to understand each individual’s unique issues and goals, independent of their classification.

  • Lead Categorization Assistant

Truebase understands that selling to other companies can be challenging. One must persuade a group of people rather than simply one. That implies the need to communicate with them at various times and in different ways. The software saves time by automatically labeling the individuals they need to speak with.

c. Advanced Contact Integration

  • Real-time Verification Solutions

Truebase understands the necessity of providing correct information when reaching out. The discomfort of contacting someone who has left an organization can be avoided.

d. Create Tailored Outreach Narratives

  • Personalized Outreach Journey

Personalizing a whole outreach sequence may prove difficult, but Truebase has your back. Consider creating a unique tale for each user, beginning with the opening message and progressing through suitable follow-ups to the final pitch. While each brand is unique, it still has control over the sequence’s voice and tone, allowing it to tell the narrative their way.

  • Optimal Messaging Frameworks

Every brand has a unique outreach plan that is suited to its intended group. Truebase has thoroughly studied and implemented successful cold email frameworks such as PAS (Problem-agitate-solution) and AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action). This helps users to select the optimal strategy for their needs.

  • Personalize on LinkedIn

Truebase allows users to personalize leads generated by them or bring their list (BYOL). They recognize and respect the important role LinkedIn plays in your workflow. As a result, the Chrome extension now supports direct personalization from LinkedIn.

e. Seamless Integration, Enhanced Performance

  • Easy Compatibility

Truebase integrates seamlessly with your sales tech stack! They developed a system to be readily integrated with users’ choice of CRM and outreach tools. These linkages may be made natively or via a simple CSV file. What distinguishes our CSV files? They don’t require any further effort and feature all of the fields required for the outreach.

  • Custom Workflow Connections

Truebase is about seamless integration. With APIs and webhooks, they seamlessly integrate with the client’s bespoke workflow process.

  • Enhance ABM Performance

Account-based marketing (ABM) can be hard, but Truebase simplifies it. Whether companies manage 10 or 100 accounts every week or use a round-robin system, they handle the specifics. Forget about monitoring objectives in spreadsheets. Truebase can help businesses identify high-priority accounts that match their desired customer profile and find major revenue opportunities.

Their Values

A.  Honesty

Truebase respects honesty and trustworthiness, prefers competence to confidence, speaks the truth even when it’s difficult, freely criticizes ourselves, and challenges actions that contradict their principles.

B. Transparency

Truebase communicates freely and attentively. They communicate openly while treating people with respect. They value context and maintain a non-political tone even when they disagree with others. Social cohesiveness will not jeopardize their credibility. They confess when they don’t know something, maintaining our commitment to transparency.

C. All-In

Truebase is devoted, accountable, and trustworthy. They believe in themselves, take on new challenges, and constantly go above and beyond to complete projects. They take pride in their work and are never afraid to address issues that arise. They are committed to meeting deadlines and fulfilling responsibilities. At its foundation, Truebase is an “all-in” team.

D. Customer-Obsessed

Truebase’s emphasis is on its clients. They put their pleasure and prosperity first. They know they haven’t done their job if clients are ever dissatisfied. Truebase starts with the customer’s requirements and wishes and then strives relentlessly to meet and surpass them.

They establish relationships rather than just sell items or services because they value their trust. They don’t focus on competition since they believe that if they care about their clients, the rest will follow.

E. One-team

At Truebase, they work as one team. They support one another, even when they disagree. They celebrate their wins and face issues straight on. They take the time to listen and comprehend before reacting, resulting in a better team overall.

F. Speed is Important

Truebase prioritizes quickness and action. Their team consists of doers who prioritize what needs to be done right now and what can wait. They understand who they are and what they are not, and are not scared to make errors. They’re smart, resourceful, and always find a way to get things done. Also, they communicate simply and concisely both orally and in writing.

G. Driven by Outcomes

Truebase is outcome-driven, emphasizing traction above anything else. They look for differences between metrics and informal proof to distinguish between opinion and actuality. They base their judgments on facts wherever feasible, which allows them to make the best decisions for their clients. They are delighted to have a staff of the industry’s finest and brightest, regularly improving their talents to give exceptional service.

H. Think Big

Truebase thinks big and reimagines problems to find unique solutions. They attempt to see the larger picture and compare themselves to the best. Truebse values long-term success over short-term benefits and is continually striving to improve itself. Instead of following the crowd, they choose their journey and write their story.


truebase pricing

The pricing at Truebase starts at $49.90 per month. It has three different plans:

  • Starter at $49.90 per month which provides 100 Lead Automation per week.
  • Growth at $99.90 per month which provides 250 Lead Automation per week.
  • Scale at $149.90 per month which provides 500 Leads Automation per week.

It also offers an Enterprise plan.

Final Thoughts

Truebase is unique in that it was designed from the bottom up with AI at its heart. This comprises the information-collecting strategy, AI application, and app architecture. 

Truebase, being an AI-first software, enables unique capabilities such as free-form qualification and hyper-personalization at scale. It provides great control over how the AI represents your brand.

Truebase, which uses powerful Large Language Models comparable to the technology powering ChatGPT, provides unmatched possibilities, including entirely automated prospecting, which was earlier impossible.

Finally, Truebase offers greater reliability than typical email campaigns, which are often identified as spam under new Google and Yahoo guidelines. It creates hyper-personalized, unique messages for each lead, which aligns with the new standards while exceeding common templated sequences used by other tools.