Strategies For Achieving Concise Marketing Writing!

Marketing writing is a type of writing that is created with the intention of something specific. The intention can be advertising products/services of the brand or building the interest of potential customers. 

Many principles need to be followed while writing content for marketing. One of those principles includes conciseness. This is because, potential customers usually do not have enough time, which is why they prefer interacting with short and to-the-point content. 

However, most writers (including the ones with good skills) struggle to keep their marketing writing concise. If you are also one of those, then you have just landed on the solution. 

We are going to explain five useful strategies that will help you in achieving conciseness in marketing writing.

5 Effective Strategies That Help in Achieving Conciseness in Marketing Writing

Below are the strategies that you need to follow to achieve conciseness while writing content for marketing. 

a. Use Active Voice

To make your marketing writing concise and short, you should write sentences in active voice instead of passive. Active voice is basically a grammatical voice in which the subject (name of person, place, etc.) performs the action. 

Using an active voice in marketing writing will make it concise and clear for the readers. Wondering how to write in an active voice? Do not look around, as we will tell you everything.

  • Bring the subject (that is acting) at the start and the object and the end of the sentence. 
  • Use subjects/verbs that are action-oriented. 
  • Consider writing powerful verbs such as “launch,” “Screamed,” etc. 
  • Use the present tense like “Get in touch with us, we are available”. 

By following the above-listed tips, you can write marketing content in an active voice and make it concise and direct. To provide a better understanding, let us explain with a proper example. 

The sentence that is written in passive voice: 

“All the money was stolen by the beggar”

Now, we are going to write this sentence in an active voice. 

“The beggar stole all the cash”

As you can see the active voice sentence above is shorter and more direct as compared to the first one. And it also contains the strong verb “Cash,” instead of “Money.” 

b. Avoid Using Redundant Pairs Of Words

You should avoid redundant pairs of words while writing marketing. Doing so will help you to achieve conciseness. Apart from this, the prevention of these words will also lift the overall quality of your writing. 

Redundant pairs of words are the ones that have the same meaning and appear one after another. Some common words like these are:

  • Bonus, added 
  • Together, merge
  • Complete, full
  • Entire, whole
  • Each, every

As you can see, the words listed above have the same meaning. So, using (either intentionally or unintentionally) will just make your writing wordy and as well as unprofessional. 

c. Do Not Use Qualifiers

do not

While writing marketing content we often use unnecessary qualifiers or transition words. A qualifier in writing is basically a word that either enhances or limits another word’s meaning. It can greatly affect (in a negative way) the certainty of an argument. 

Using them can be considered good in other forms of writing, but when it comes to marketing content, using them is encouraged. This is because they not only make the writing wordy but also give the reader the impression that even the writers are not sure about the statements they are making.

To provide you with a better idea of qualifiers, check out the example below. 

Let’s say, you want to write “This watch is elegant” but you are writing “This watch is very elegant.” The “Very” will be referred to as Qualifier, and it is totally unnecessary. 

So, to achieve conciseness in marketing writing, it is considered an effective strategy not to use qualifiers. 

d. Use Strong Verbs Instead Of Adverbs

The definition of a strong verb will say all about this conciseness strategy. Strong verbs are specific words and phrases that help the writer to quickly convey the main idea/message within fewer words.

Employing strong verbs is a hallmark of the best article writers, who know how to make your marketing content not only concise but also impactful, greatly elevating its overall quality.

Normal sentence: 

“Michael ran so quickly (4 words)”

Now, we are going to rewrite the above sentence by using a strong verb. 

Revised sentence: 

“Michael Sprinted (2 words)”

As you can see, the first sentence is 4 words long, while the revised sentence is just 2, all because of the strong verb “Sprinted.”  

Now, we think you will have an efficient idea of how using strong verbs can help you achieve conciseness in marketing writing. 

e. Make Use Of An Online Summarizer

Using an online summarizer is considered the most effective and easy strategy through which you can achieve conciseness in your writing. 

A summarizing tool makes use of advanced algorithms that quickly analyze the given content and identify the main points of it. After this, it then creates a short version by using those points. 

There is a huge variety of summarizing tools available online that you can consider using. To provide you with a better idea of how they make given content short and concise, we provided some content to a summarizer. See the picture for results. 

As you can see, the tool has quickly and efficiently summarized the given content without compromising on quality and original meaning. 

Wrapping up

It is considered necessary to keep the marketing content as concise as possible. This is because potential customers usually don’t have enough time to consume lengthy information. 

However, keeping marketing writing short is not an easy task, but also not impossible. In this blog, we have explained different five effective strategies that you (the writer) can consider following to come up with short writing. 

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