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A marketer’s tool to adapt to today’s ever-changing algorithm, changing the requirements for tactics every day. As the name predicts, Search Engine Optimization, optimizing your content for the finder’s eye. Incremental changes result in a noticeable impact on the site’s user experience and performance.


Ubersuggest is an innovative gizmo, which can land you keywords in the blink of an eye. This tool is for anyone who wants to upscale their website’s performance and gain more real traffic. It’s great at helping users find valuable content ideas including Keywords. 

What is Keyword Research?

Keyword research is a method to analyse public data and show which type of content is most popular among the audience.

Essentially you will have 5 stages of data that will be at your service including:

  • Keyword Overview
  • Keyword Ideas
  • Content Ideas
  • Top Ranking Pages
  • Keywords

Let’s dive into the detail 

Keyword Overview 

While doing the keyword research, you will have 4 important aspects in which the keyword weighed 

  • Search Volume – Gives an idea about the estimated number of traffic generated monthly.
  • SEO Difficulty –  A score that shows the competition that is present in the search environment. The lower it is the better it is going to be for you as the competition is less for that keyword. 
  • Paid Difficulty –  This figure gives an estimated competitor overview in paid search results. If it shows a higher score means you need to use a different keyword as the competition is high for this particular keyword in paid per click ads.
  • Cost Per Click –  Average number you need to pay for the ad per click in Google search results. 

Search Volume and Search Difficulty is mostly considered in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Paid difficulty and Cost Per Click is considered in Search Engine Marketing or PPC

Traffic direction, like the ups and downs in the traffic regarding that keyword, can also be seen on the trend graph. Differentiation between mobile desktop traffic is a huge bonus, devise a specified plan for each of them separately.

Breaking down the incoming traffic is essential for insight to know the search habits of a subject’s content regarding a keyword. In addition to this, you can get an idea about the average number of backlinks per 10 searches for the keyword. The ranking of the keyword is based on the backlinks constructed to it and the figure can give you an upper hand. 

Keyword Ideas

Inside the distinctive Keyword Ideas segment, there are 5 sub-levels that relate the searched keyword to different categories. This lets you design a directory of keywords and results in numerous headings.


  • Standard keyword suggestions
  • Related keyword suggestions
  • Questions
  • Prepositions
  • Comparisons

Let me simplify it for you

For example, if you search a keyword, let’s say “Reader”, what Ubersuggest does is categorise the results, as the suggestion to this keyword, which can be an amalgam of suggestions, questions or comparisons revolving around that keyword. 

Generating Ideas becomes easier for better content, which will give your competitors a tough time. Search Engines play a vital role here, as the highly ranked content gets known and hence viewership increases. Ubersuggest even suggests which keywords will get your content ranked among the top searches. As you can see the keyword ranks and the estimated viewers they land per month.

In the picture above you can see how it gives you nearly 500000 related keywords for a single keyword, that’s crazy! 600 ways to draft your content, each targeting a huge number of viewers. 


 Ubersuggest started as a basic SEO tool under the brand version Ubersuggest 2.0, Now it has grown exponentially since then. Ubersuggest 6.0 is running the market presently. It has transformed into a great all-round tool to generate an audience for your website. 

In the beginning, it just included SEO keyword features. But with further updates, it inculcated features to filter the traffic. 

Domain rankings paid keywords and even the budget of google Ads, all these features have taken the usage of this tool to new heights. For example, Google can be very particular about ranking the content. This means not only your content needs to be great but also you need to be aware of the ways to promote it. 

Now the next issue that came up was the time it was taking to sort the results according to your liking and even putting tabs on social shares.

The current version doesn’t even require you to know SEO techniques. You are able to compare your website along with others of your choice. Also, rankings can be tracked locally or internationally with no bar on your location. 

C:\Users\sayaf\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\INetCache\Content.Word\Screenshot (15).png

Content ideas are presented by already high ranked material. This makes it easier to alter your content according to the keywords used in these posts.

C:\Users\sayaf\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\INetCache\Content.Word\Screenshot (18).png

Another amazing update, included the amazing traffic analyser, as we can see some great traffic stats. 

 Let’s analyse the traffic of

A whopping around 12 million organic keywords with monthly organic traffic close to 5 billion. Now you can get an idea of how well can you get your content ranked among the top rankings

You can also see SEO keyword ranking distribution and how many keywords rank in each different position scale. This can show you how dominant a website is when it comes to getting a top position in search results. Another important element we can see is their top ranking page in terms of the amount of traffic it generates for the website. 

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Last Words

Ubersuggest being a simple SEO tool, has given an effective advantage to content creators. If you have not yet assigned a budget to your SEO strategies, Ubersuggest can fulfil that space for you. Even the free version is enough to help you get an advantage over the first-timers in your domain. Valuable SEO insights and keyword overviews. If we include the chrome extension, you can be very flexible and even analyse data from YouTube also. So, explore new ways and move forward. 


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