3 Ways to Transform Your Employer Branding

Employer branding attracts top talent to apply to work in your company. Your company brands itself can impact the types of candidates attracted to work at your organization. This is called employer branding, and it’s the reason why your competitors have better employees than you do. 

First, let’s distinguish between employer branding and company branding. The latter is meant to attract new customers and distinguish yourself from the competition to increase your revenue and build trust with your customers. Whereas employer branding is meant to attract top talent and build your reputation as an employer

Many companies neglect their employer branding and have a hard time attracting their ideal candidates. In this article, you’ll learn three practical ways to transform your employer branding so that you can improve your chances of getting excellent candidates interested in working for your company. 

Pay Attention to Your Glassdoor Reviews and Company Profile

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The world of work is changing; employees can now leave public reviews about their employers for anyone to find. Glassdoor is one of the top platforms for this purpose. It is designed to ensure that employers cannot tamper with employee reviews to increase authenticity and build trust with its users. 

Many serious candidates will check your company’s Glassdoor profile and check the reviews to learn more about what kind of employer you are. Glassdoor also lets employees report salaries and benefits that they receive from their jobs. They can also rate the management and list the pros and cons of working at your establishment. 

You and your team must pay close attention to your Glassdoor reviews. If they find 80% negative reviews about mistreatment, overworking, and underpaying workers, then they will run for the hills. If they find that the salaries don’t match the work descriptions, then your company will be a red flag to them. 

Glassdoor and other review sites can paint a positive or negative image about your company and how it treats employees. One way to improve your reviews is by treating your employees well. This is the only way for you to build a strong employer brand because they’ll know that even if they left the job, they were treated with respect and given a reasonable workload. 

This is an age where scorned employees publish damaging articles about their employers. You should keep in mind that this is not something to take lightly. Take a close look at how your company approaches layoffs, are employees treated with care? Do employees who quit get offboarding interviews where they can express their concerns and share their experiences? 

All these factors can impact the overall employee experience. You can’t fake a positive employee experience, which is why you need to work on it from the inside, and your Glassdoor reviews will reflect your efforts to improve the workplace.  

Have a separate webpage to show the employee experience

Some companies have a separate webpage just for careers and information about their employees. One of the companies you can use as an example is Pearl Lemon Group; on the website, you can learn about the company’s work culture and the individual leaders. 

With this, candidates looking for a fully remote company with international employees will know that PLG is a good place for them. Whereas those who prefer in-person agencies that clock off at 5 pm EST won’t be interested in a place with this type of culture

By being transparent about the work culture, you are better able to make your branding authentic. This will attract candidates who align with your values and are interested in working in a place like yours. Their site also has separate sections for each department head to let people get to know them

Each interview lets the team member share their experiences at the company, which is quite helpful for potential candidates to learn what employees think of working there and what they like about the work culture. This is a practical way of approaching employer branding.

By letting current employees share their experiences and transparency about the work culture, you take your employer branding to the next level. Incorporating SOP software simplifies and speeds up the interview process, aiding in collecting and sharing employees’ experiences more efficiently.

Make the application/onboarding experience one to remember

Job seekers worldwide can agree about how unpleasant the application process can be. If your company can create a fun, interactive, convenient interview and application process, then you’ll set yourself apart from your competition. 

Instead of requiring cover letters, encourage short video intros to show your candidates’ personalities during the application process. Think outside the box and make the onboarding experience simple, engaging, and memorable. 

The Great Resignation caused a Great Reset to the power dynamics between employers and their employees. Employees don’t need you as much as you need them – the power trip employers used to have is a thing of the past now. Why should they want to work for you? Ask yourself that and make your branding answer that question clearly and boldly. 

This way, you’ll attract the best possible candidates that already align with your values. Make sure that your employer branding is honest, authentic, and in alignment with the reality of actually working in your company. If you do this, you’ll see an increase in highly-qualified candidates that fit your company style well. 

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