What Backlinks you should buy in 2024?

A technique of buying backlinks you might have heard of, but you would possibly not know whether you must do it or not!

Buying low-quality backlinks in bulk from nefarious sources is a Black Hat SEO technique. It is a form of cheating or misleading Google and different search engines to make your website rank higher.

If you do buy backlinks and have little or no oversight of where those backlinks are placed or in what type of content your backlink will appear, then you’re not doing off-page SEO right.

But, If you obtain a service that assists you to come up with exposure, awareness of your trademark, and backlinks. That’s a touch different. Isn’t it?

Generally conveying, the more effortless it is to purchase a backlink, the less worthy it is.

This happens because Google or other search engines don’t like to reward spammy conduct. On the opposite side, backlinks are extremely difficult to secure. Backlinks from high-authority sites, can be worth a lot more because they’re difficult to control.

Backlinks are the hyperlinks that lead back to your website from another source-typically a different website. They have been a component of Google’s algorithm for a long time. Above all, a backlink that leads to your website is a gesture of trust that your website content is credible.

Google first started penalising low-quality backlinks in its 2012 Penguin version. That indicated the website owners had to look out where these backlinks were coming from and whether they came from credible sources or not.

The soundest backlinks arrive from the most credible sources, primarily those maintained by an editorial team of experts. “Toxic Backlinks“, on the contrary, come from websites that are automatically built. This might occur through a link-building technique by way of so-called “link farms.” 

Before the 2012 update, link-building websites offered their services to increase the ranking of a website in the search results. If all backlinks were coming from credible sources, then the linked website moved up in the search results.

But the current algorithm of Google gives credibility to the linking website. If it’s felt as having meagre credibility, the search engine penalises the search ranking of the linked website.

So, if your website appears on these toxic link-building sources, you will struggle to grow your website traffic. That might be true no matter how much search engine optimization or keyword research you would do.

Even worse is the undeniable fact that these links often appear without your consent. So how will you know whether these backlinks are toxic or not? If yes, then how will you get rid of them?

The simplest method to determine what backlinks exist for your website is to use some backlink audit tools to find that.

Moz has the free Link Explorer service which creates a backlink report with a thorough analysis of links for the URL you provide. 

Ahrefs is another good backlink audit tool, as is Majestic. 

Once you have got the report of where backlinks exist for your website, you will need to work out which are toxic and which are helping to grow your search result ranking. You can simply disavow them if you think they are stopping your traffic to grow. 

 Backlinks to buy from:

Authority builders

Authority Builders

Authority Builder is one of the link building companies that concentrate on its list of websites.

If you are in SEO for quite some time, I am confident you would have heard about Matt Diggity, the owner of the Authority Builders.

They have a very user-friendly interface. Once you sign up, you’ll get the choice to pick your niches, and then you’ll see a list of suggested domains along with their details like DA, TF, RD, and estimated monthly traffic.

Now if you are in a rush, you can always ask a freelancer to fetch you some links from a list of sites. But, when it involves building high authority backlinks from niche-relevant websites, I suspect you’ll get the desired outcomes from the backlinks.

That is because most of the domains you see as suggestions write content on multiple niches. You cannot expect Google to reward you exactly as you’d been rewarded if you had a backlink from a high-authority niche site.


wicked fire

If you are looking to finalise your work in the digital marketing industry or SEO under one roof then this is the best place to look. You will be able to hire link builders, domain flippers, content writers, website developers, and some additional niche specialists who can make your tasks more effortless with their skills.

This platform remains one of the oldest. Many people have started their blogging career from here to complete their multiple tasks.

You can learn many new things from here, in addition, you can find many useful sellers providing different services.

You can hire some professionals to comment in your niche, to create web 2.0 properties, article submission, guest posting, profile backlinks and many other services to make your website rank higher in Google and other search engines.

Links Management

If you want to buy backlinks and you like a top-quality one on a low budget, then Link Management is a perfect choice for you.

You can buy inexpensive backlinks from sites with PR 1 to sites with PR8. They give permanent and static backlinks from content for a range as low as $1.

They cite that the links are placed manually. If you distrust their service, they provide you with their case studies that contain numerous sites’ history that has managed to acquire good ranks in Google with the help of their service.


Upwork isn’t a typical marketplace to buy backlinks, but the best thing you can get here is that you will be able to hire freelancers to do the tasks you are required to do. But this may come with a drawback since you hire freelancers to do the work, it might prove a little costly compared to other sites.

While hiring freelancers make sure you employ one who has a good number of reviews and a good experience. You can see their portfolio before hiring them. As you will seek higher quality, the price per hour will also increase.


Fiverr is one name that the majority of folks are acquainted with because it is one of the largest marketplaces where you will be able to buy your Backlinks and other gigs for just about $5.

But you need to bear in mind that many backlinks sellers use some detrimental automated tools to make. So, choosing the correct gig is more vital than buying. Buy only those gigs that maintain good reviews and high ratings and are bought by many people. It is noteworthy to recollect that the number of gigs you buy is not important but their quality.  And quality varies from seller to seller.

The best rule to follow is just to ask the seller about the domains they use to create backlinks to sell. You should then check monthly traffic and the spam score of these domains.

If the traffic is somewhat reasonable and the spam score is not high(less than 10%), you can comfortably buy those backlinks from such domains.

However, as a rule of thumb, if a seller offers you thousands of backlinks to buy for just a meagre sum of money, it’s an apparent signal that the links would be useless

Final Words

Although there are scores of options to purchase backlinks from, not all the venues will be suitable. A number of them are fairly good, while others simply waste money.

To make a conclusive verdict on what will be the more suitable and the most effective link building agency, I would suggest you check the organic traffic from backlinks of some suitable websites and how these businesses are giving customer support responses.

Of all of these link building agencies, I believe, LinksManagement meets most of our requirements.

However, Authority builders should not be ignored too.

But you ought to remember link building is a complicated process. Too many websites get penalised every time for acquiring the wrong sorts of backlinks.

So, regardless of which link-building agency you select for your link-building process, please ensure to seek out if they’re doing it the proper way.

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