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Heavy Duty Mobility deals with Mobility Scooters. They specialise in large recreational, all terrain, dual seat, enclosed mobility scooters. 


Building high-authority backlinks: Our team focused on acquiring backlinks from reputable websites. This was done through guest blogging and other link building tactics. On-page optimization: Basic on-page optimization was performed on the company's website, including optimizing title tags, meta descriptions, alt tags and header tags. Additionally, the website's structure and navigation were also improved to make it more user-friendly.


Domain Rating: The company's Domain Rating increased from 1 to 15 within 4 months. Search Impressions: The company's search impressions increased from 17K to 77K in the same period.


The combination of building high-authority backlinks and basic on-page optimization was effective in improving Heavy Duty Mobility's online presence and visibility. The increase in Domain Rating and search impressions is a clear indication of the company's improved search engine ranking. This case study highlights the importance of a comprehensive approach to SEO that includes both backlink building and on-page optimization.

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